Sports Results Round-Up: Week 5


After Week 5 of the AU fixtures, how did your team get on? Particularly good results this week includes the women’s lacrosse first team, who beat Swansea 23-2, the men’s fencing team, who won their competition by over 100 points, and the men’s hockey fifth team, who won 8-1 and are so far unbeaten.

Wednesday 30th October

Men’s Football

2nds: Won 3-2 against Exeter 3rds

Women’s Football

1sts: Lost 4-0 to Bournemouth

Men’s Rugby

1sts: Won 31-12 against Gloucestershire 1sts
2nds: Won 12-7 against Moose 2nds

Women’s Rugby

1sts: Drew 12-12 with Winchester

Women’s Netball

1sts: Won 55-25 against Exeter 2nds
2nds: Won 46-24 against Bath 4ths
3rds: Lost 49-14 against Exeter 3rds
4ths: Lost 17-14 against Exeter 4ths

Women’s Lacrosse

1sts: Won 23-2 against Swansea 1sts
2nds: Lost 20-8 to UWE 1sts


Men: Won 135-11 against Cardiff
Women: Won 132-110 against Aberystwyth

Saturday 2nd/Sunday 3rd November

Men’s Hockey

1sts: Lost 6-3 to Sunbury and Walton Hawks
2nds: Lost 2-0 to Winchester 2nds
3rds: Lost 7-2 to Weymouth
4ths: Lost 4-0 to Yateley 3rds
5ths: Won 8-1 against Lavant

Men’s Basketball

1sts: Won 58-52 against Reading 2nds


1sts: Won 20-1 against Reading

2nds: Lost 20-2 against Basingstoke


3rd: First handicap (Open team champions out of 16 other Universities)

2nd: First handicap


Tchoukball National League Results:

Won 68-57 against Broadland Bolts

Lost 57-53 against Bury Kings

Won 59-56 against Leeds Galaxy

American Football

Varsity Match: Won 7-0 against Portsmouth


If any captains would like their fixture results added, please email with the details.


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