Sports Results Round-Up: Week 7


Week 7 in the sports fixtures and the weather’s getting colder while the competitions heat up. This is how our teams did:

Men’s American Football

1sts: Lost 7-6 to Brighton

Men’s Fencing

1sts: Won 135-96 against Plymouth

Men’s Football

1sts: Drew 2-2 against Soton Solent 1sts

2nds: Won 1-0 against Exeter 2nds

3rds: Won 2-1 against Plymouth

Ladies’ Lacrosse

1sts: Won 34-1 against Bath 2nds

2nds: Lost 17-5 against Aberystwyth

Ladies’ Netball

1sts: Won 55-18 against Soton Solent

2nds: Won 60-19 against Soton 3rds

Women’s Rugby

1sts: Won 20-5 against Aberystwyth


Southampton Unicorns placed 3rd (out of 21) at the Birmingham Bender

Men’s Squash

Soton Uni BUCS 1sts beat Southampton Solent 1s 14-7.

1. Jack Follett 3-2 win
2. Rory Ormiston 2-3 loss
3. Jamie Hind 3-0 win
4. Charles Black 3-0 win
5. Dan Barry 3-2 win

Soton Uni BUCS 2nds beat Bath Spa 1sts 15-0.

1. John Saunders 3-0 win
2. Drew Butchart 3-0 win
3. Rob Burr 3-0 win
4. Alex McVicker 3-0 win
5. Lozza Carson 3-0 win

Men’s Tennis

1sts: Won 12-0 against Soton Solent

2nds: Lost 12-0 against Exeter

Ladies’ Tennis

1sts: Won 12-0 against Cardiff


In Bristol,  2 members won gold in synchro, another 2 took bronze. Team B won silver. 1 member won bronze in advanced ladies. Another won the two trick competition and another won gold in the uber male category.

Men’s Volleyball

1sts: Lost 3-1 against Bath

Men’s Hockey

1sts: Won 6-1 against Haslemere

3rds: Lost 2-1 against Basingstoke 2nds

4ths: Won 3-0 against Chichester 4ths

5ths: Lost 3-2 against Woking Old Peculiars


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