Sports Results Round-Up: Week 8


Week 8 is over in the Sports fixtures and our AU teams keep on churning out impressive results. Here’s an update from the last seven days:

Wednesday 20th November

Men’s Lacrosse

1sts: Won 31-0 against UWE 2nds

Women’s Lacrosse

1sts: Won 24-10 against Royal Agricultural College

Men’s Tennis

1sts: Won 12-0 against Plymouth

2nds: Won 8-4 against Southampton Solent

Women’s Tennis

1sts: Won 8-4 against Bournemouth

Men’s Squash

1sts: Won 15-0 against Plymouth

1 Jack Follett 3-0 win
2 Rory Ormiston 3-0 win
3 Jamie Hind 3-0 win
4 Charles Black 3-0 win
5 Daniel Barry 3-0 win

2nds: Lost 15-3 against Exeter 4ths

1 Harry Goldenfeld 1-3 loss
2 Lauren Carson 1-3 loss
3 Alex McVicker 1-3 loss
4 Rob Burr 0-3 loss
5 John Lui 0-3 loss


1sts: Drew 9-9 with Basingstoke

2nds: Lost 10-4 to Farnborough

Tchoukball (results from 17th November)

Won 56-43 against Bury Saints
Won 65-62 against Leeds Cosmos


Saturday 23rd/Sunday 24th November

American Football

1sts: Won 19-6 against Oxford Brookes

Mixed Lacrosse

1sts: Won 27-3 against Oxford


1sts: Finished 2nd (out of 11) at Southern National Qualifiers

2nds: Lost 10-1 against Southampton City team


Karting Team BUKC Qualifier:

Southampton A: 3rd

Southampton B: 18th

Women’s Dodgeball

1sts: Finished 3rd at Women’s University Championships



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