Sports Results Round-Up: Week 10


We’re into double figures now with the round-ups and going strong, much like our sports teams. Here’s the results from last week:

Men’s Badminton

2nds: Lost 5-3 against Bristol 2nds

Women’s Badminton

1sts: Lost 5-3 against UWE 1sts

Men’s Fencing

Warwick Novices (Men’s competition):
Josh Webb – 9th
Chris Riseley – 14th
Ewan Chaplin – 18th
Jack Keum – 25th
Shogo Minakata – 29th
Matt Heald – 35th
Aditya Tandon – 38th
Jimmy Weston – 45th
Palkesh Nuwal – 49th
Harry Cutts – 54th
Andrew Bamford – 56th

Hampshire Foil 1:
Alex Seale – 3rd
Peter Cronbach – 7th

Hampshire Foil 2:
Peter Cronbach – 1st

Women’s Fencing

1sts: Lost 135-75 against Bath 1sts

Warwick Novices (Competition):
Zoe Wakeford – 3rd
Manuela Seanehia – 5th
Claire Smid – 12th
Rachel Burden – 13th
Giulia Guariento – 30th.

Men’s Football

1sts: Lost 1-0 against Bournemouth 1sts

Ice Hockey

1sts: Won 8-5 against Imperial

Men’s Hockey

3rds: Lost 7-1 against Bristol 5ths

Women’s Hockey

2nds: Lost 6-1 against Exeter 5ths

3rds: Won 7-0 against Bournemouth 2nds

4ths: Drew 1-1 against Winchester 1sts

Women’s Lacrosse

1sts: Won 15-10 against Bristol 2nds

Women’s Netball

3rds: Won 19-16 against Bournemouth 2nds

Men’s Squash

1sts: Won 12-4 against Bournemouth 1sts (plus bonus points 17-4)

1) Rory Ormiston 3-0 win
2) Charles Black 3-1 win
3) Daniel Barry 3-0 win
4) Rob Willway 3-0 win
5) Walkover 0-3 loss

2nds: Lost 15-0 aganst UWE 3rds

1) Harry Goldenfeld 0-3 loss
2) Alex McVicker 0-3 loss
3) Michael Ratnarajah 0-3 loss
4) Rahul Kumar 0-3 loss
5) Walkover 0-3 loss

Women’s Squash

1sts: Won 6-6 against UWE 1sts (Southampton win 106 points to 105)

Match tied 6-6 so points counted

If any sports captains would like their results listed, please contact with details.


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