Southampton University Sharks Basketball vs Bristol University Live


basketbThe Wessex Sene are here in Bristol to bring a live blog of Southampton University Basketball Men’s 2nd’s play against Bristol 2nd’s.

The Sharks 2nd’s currently sit 3rd in the BUCS league, a win here against a strong Bristol side will set them up well for the rest of the season. This is the first time the Sharks 2nd’s have played Bristol, but from previous years, we know they are a strong side and will play a good game.

The team sheet for today looks like this:

4 – Yazan Harasis
5 – Yiming Li
6 – Freddy Dines (C)
7 – Ugnius Subacius
8 – Daniel Mayorga-Sema
10 – Shiloh Saatori
11 – Dylan Smith
12 – Gav Fielding
13 – Jon Hancox
14 – Jim Liu
15 – Tomas Pekarskas


Live Blog:

[13:10] We’ve just had tip off and Sharks came out strongly with a quick basket.

[13:15] Slightly scrappy play from both sides, Bristol awarded a penalty and sunk both free throws.

[13:17] And Bristol have began to pull away, getting point after point in heavy succession.

[13:19] TIME OUT: first time out of the game and the first quatre, Southampton are currently down but quick thinking from Fielding (12) allowed him to sink a great lay up and get Southamptons momentum back. Sharks 6 – Bristol 11.

[13:23] Back in with more free throws for Bristol, luckily they missed both but the Sharks need to start playing the way we’ve seen them play already this season.

[13:25] With Captain Freddy Dines (6) on, the Sharks are showing more energy and are slowly clawing back the points.

[13:27] FIRST QUATRE: that’s the end of the first quatre, last play of the quatre was disappointing – Sharks lazily gave away the ball in the middle of the court, allowing Bristol an easy lay up. Sharks 8 – Bristol 15.

[13:29] Sharks awarded a penalty at the start of the second quatre, with Smith (11) sinking both!

[13:33] Dines comes off, putting on big man Li (5) and the enigma that is Shiloh (10). Sharks seem to be much better off with veterans Dines and Fielding shouting support from the sidelines – far to quiet without them.

[13:36]  Subacius (7) and Mayorga-Sema (8) come on for Bristols free throws. Smith (11) misses an unlucky 3 pointer.

[13:39] An awesome block by Sharks to deny Bristols lay up, and an impressive counter allowed Shiloh (10) to sink his lay up. Sharks are showing more energy now!

[13:40] TIME OUT: Sharks are ready to go back in with their penalty free throw. Shiloh (10) sinks it and Sharks go up! Sharks 19 – Bristol 18.

[13:43] Sharks Shiloh (10) sinks a three pointer from the left side of the court, before Bristol break and the Sharks give away a penalty.

[13:45] Freddy (6) and Pekarskas (15) come on. Sharks are giving away far too many fouls – hopefully this won’t come back to bite them.

[13:48] SECOND QUATRE: thats the end of the second quatre. Loads of end to end stuff. Sharks 26 – Bristol 27.

[13:53] We’re into the third quatre now. Sharks have come out strong, sunk a basket and should of got another two. Rockie unforced errors are still dripping out, with a foot out of bounce and a dribble.

[13:58] Shiloh is swapped for Subacius (7). Pekarskas (15) gets a lay up out of no where.

[14:00] Absolutely disgusting decision from the ref – someone should tell BUCS that Bristol have an extra player on the court. Subacius clearly had the ball and was on for the lay up before Bristol smashed his hand and failed to award the foul.

[14:04] We’re back in from a time out and start with Bristol being awarded a penalty – they miss both. Bristol counter a Sharks attack and the Bristol player makes a little cry of pain, looking for the foul. I can only compare the fake cry to a Suarez dive. Man up.

[14:09] Subacius (7) is making some great runs through the Bristol defence and scoring some well needed and consistent points.

[14:11] THIRD QUATRE: that is all for the third quatre. Sharks have shown some great consistency. Shiloh has hit some great baskets and Subacius has provided an extra edge to their attacks. Important to note Freddy Dines experience has helped to give assurance to a young team. Sharks 46 – Bristol 39.

[14:15] Bristol score a three pointer before Sharks came back with one of their own. Sharks have given away yet another foul. If only I had someone here to give me the stats of the fouls we’ve given away. Freddy (C) tries to calm the Sharks down – luckily for them Bristol aren’t consistent with their free throws.

[14:20] Some excellent offensive pressure by the Sharks – they were awarded 2 fouls almost consecutively. Bristol can’t be underestimated just yet, scoring on the counter and being awarded a foul off Pekarskas (15).

[14:24] TIMEOUT: Shark 51 – Bristol 48. Sharks are giving away needless points now. They need to stay consistent.

[14:26]  We were back in with Shiloh scoring one out of his two free throws, only to have Bristol counter with a massive three pointer deep into the Sharks left side of the court.

[14:27] Bristol are getting VERY heated – a false accusation of a time out (think that means you drink Bristol) and a poor foul gives them a chance to gain three points, only two sunk.

[14:29] Sharks proceed to give away the ball again, but gain two free throws for a foul which Shiloh subsequently sinks. Starting to get poor again Sharks…

[14:32] We’re back in with a foul against Bristol. Sharks sink both throws but are still down. Sharks give away another foul. Sharks 57 – Bristol 57.

[14:35] Sharks captain Freddy Dines (6) sinks another 2. Bristol fouls again and calls for a time out.

[14:37] TIME OUT: we’re about to go back in with a Sharks free throw. Li (5) sinks both.

[14:39] FORTH QUATRE: the buzzer sounds the end of the fourth quatre and the end of the game. Li’s free throws pull the Sharks up and provide some breathing space. Sharks 61 – Bristol 57.

[14:42] END: thats all folks. The Sharks put in some great team effort and worked hard for the win. Well deserved by the boys with Kevin being claimed as the man of the match, although that might be because no one else wanted to wash the kits. Final score Sharks 63 – Bristol 57.

For more information on the Southampton Basketball teams, go to their Facebook page.


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    I had no idea who or what the Sharks were until I saw the basketball image in the article. Might want to let readers know what the sport is.
    Great idea to follow the team with a live blog though – should happen more in the sport section.

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    Jack Kanani

    Thanks! I’ve changed it now 🙂 we’d love to have more people live blogging games – it’s just difficult to get enough people to want to do it. If you’re ever interested, let me know, if not then please enjoy the live blogs!

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