Varsity 2014 Preview: Tennis


Over the next month Wessex Scene plan to bring you a series of interviews with our sports captains previewing this year’s Varsity competition before the big day on 9th March. To kick start proceedings, sports editor Adam Jones met up with Tennis captain Tom Phillips to discuss the season so far and just why Varsity is so special.

How has this season gone so far for you as a team?

TP: We’re happy with how it’s gone so far. We have pulled out some big results and our first team have a chance to finish top of the league whilst also still in the running for the cup which highlights our consistency on both fronts.

What would you say has been the highlight?

TP: Whitewashing Solent both home and away definitely was very satisfying but I would also have to underline the unbelievable success of our fundraiser recently. Without the support from students we wouldn’t be able to have any success so the funding received was incredible.

What was last year’s varsity like to compete in?

TP: The actual day proved to be a bit of a shambles unfortunately because of its timing. We had a lot of players missing throughout our teams and the result really failed to represent the potential of our talent. The surface wasn’t ideal and the fact we had to establish a result from just 4 matches meant it wasn’t a great indication into the level of competition. Hopefully that will all change this year being at Wide Lane and it certainly seems to already be more organised under Evan’s stewardship.

What is it like to be involved in the Varsity experience?

TP: I love it. It’s just so much fun representing Southampton. It’s always a great atmosphere with all the different teams and games going on everywhere. Plus there’s the chance to see some big performances along with some pretty wacky sports.

How confident are you of victory this year?

TP: Think we’ll walk it.

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