Sports Results Round-Up: Week 13


Unlucky number 13 for some, but that doesn’t seem to have affected our sports teams. Here are the results from last week:

American Football

1sts: Won 63-6 against Oxford Lancers


1sts: Lost 10-11 against Warwick

2nds: Lost 15-10 against Derby

Men’s Football

1sts: Won 5-0 against Bristol

3rds: Lost 2-0 against Plymouth


Round 1 – Buckmore Park – 4th of 52 teams

Round 2 – Buckmore Park – 4th of 52 teams

Women’s Netball

1sts: Won 71-18 against Southampton Solent

2nds: Won 37-31 against Plymouth

Men’s Rugby

1sts: Drew 12-12 with UWE Bristol


1sts: Won 54-53 against Portsmouth Ducks

Lost 58-56 against Fareham Rhinos

If any sports captains or members would like their results listed, please contact or the AU results Facebook group for details.


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