Varsity 2014 Preview: Ladies Lacrosse


As part of the Wessex Scene’s series of previews before this year’s Varsity competition, Ladies Lacrosse first team player Issy McDowell answered a few questions ahead of the big day on March 9th.

How has this season gone so far for you as a team?

IM: Last season the team took a big knock being relegated from the Premiership, so to have the girls work so hard to get back up not only to the top of our league but into play off position makes the early mornings and late night training well worth it. We have also reached the quarter finals of the Cup – the furthest our club has ever gone, so this season is definitely one of our best and the girls have really earned it.

What would you say has been the highlight and where do you personally need to improve?

IM: Coming fresh from our victory on Wednesday qualifying for the quarter finals of the cup definitely has to be up there, along with every other game we have played. Our team train between 4-6 times a week and Eli and I (co-captains) have had them up at 6.30 in the mud and pouring rain to do extra fitness, so they all deserve the results we have achieved. Personally I can improve everywhere, you can always struggle to push yourself further and harder. Working alongside other determined and talented players definitely helps to push me though.

What was last year’s varsity like to compete in? Do you think something similar will happen this year?

IM: Last year’s varsity was an amazing thing to be involved in. Playing both Ladies and Mixed it was great to play two back-to-back games and win them both, so I really hope it’s a similar feeling this year. The university becomes so united with all the different sports cheering each other on. Every single member of the club (Mens, Mixed and Ladies) puts in a lot of hard work and effort, training hard and really getting behind each other. Varsity is a great way of finishing up the season and representing not only your team but the whole university.

How confident are you of victory this year?

IM: I believe that our girls deserve to win because they have put so much into their training and improved so much. But Portsmouth are also a great team with a lot of talent and we can’t do much more except go out there on the day and play our best.

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