Varsity 2014 Preview: Women’s Hockey


As part of the Wessex Scene’s series of previews before this year’s Varsity competition, Women’s hockey captain Natalie Price answered a few questions ahead of the big day on March 9th.

How has this season gone so far for you as a team?

Our 1st team has had a successful season so far. We’ve had a record amount of head injuries, which has resulted in us missing a few players for important games, so we’ve lost a few games that we should of won. But we’ve had some amazing wins and we’re currently sitting in 2nd place in the league which we’re happy with. We’ve also made it though to the quarter-finals of the Cup, which we’re playing in this Wednesday. The rest of the club is doing well too; the 2nds are mid-table after a shaky start to the season, the 3rds are up for promotion and the 4ths and 5ths are performing well, with the 5ths having one of their best seasons since the team was established.

What would you say has been the highlight and where do you personally need to improve?

Beating Cardiff Met 2-1 at home just before Christmas was one of the best games we’ve ever played. Cardiff Met hadn’t lost a single game until that point and it was a bit of a grudge match because they’d beaten us 1-0 at the start of the season. They’re an incredibly aggressive team and were enjoying their winning streak far too much, so it was great to tear them down a notch. We fought really hard and deserved the win.

What was last year’s Varsity like to compete in?

I really enjoyed it, it was great to win in front of such a huge crowd! It was also interesting to watch some other sports and support other Southampton teams. I’m glad to have it back on our turf this year to show Portsmouth why we’re the better uni!

Your team stepped up to play the women’s 3rd game in football last year. What was it like last year?

That was manic! Our old club captain was trying to scrape together a team at the last minute. Some of us hadn’t really played football before and it was straight after one of our hockey games so a few of us were really tired. We had great fun though and Portsmouth seemed to be grateful that we stepped up.

Any chance it’ll happen again this year?

Haha, you’d have to ask ladies football, but I don’t think any of us gave a stellar enough performance to be called up again!

How’s preparation going for the big event?

We enter two teams each year; our 1st XI squad and a second squad comprised of committee members and leavers. We’re continuing with our training as normal and we’re looking strong as ever.

How confident are you of victory this year?

We never start a game thinking it’s in the bag, but we have a very good track record against Pompey and I’d be very surprised if either of our teams lost!


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