Varsity 2014 Preview: Women’s Basketball


As part of the Wessex Scene’s series of previews before this year’s Varsity competition, women’s basketball captain Freya Mumby answered a few questions ahead of the big day on March 9th.

How has this season gone so far for you as a team?

The girls have had an excellent season; from finishing top in our league, to advancing into the quarter finals of the trophy cup. To top that, we are going to London soon, to play in the premiership play-offs. Its been a very successful year for SUBC, with only losing two games out of the whole season.

What would you say has been the highlight and where do you personally need to improve?

The highlight would have to be beating Cardiff a couple of weeks ago. This was a game that was going to strongly determine our position in the League Table so nerves were sky high. It ended 61-63, with us grabbing that win, 2 seconds before the game ended. As a team, we have improved so much over the season, with great team spirits and motivation, I think we just need to maintain our composure and concentrate on winning the next biggest games of the season.

What was last year’s Varsity like to compete in? 

Last years Varsity was great fun, even if we did lose to Pompey by 3 points. They had some great shooters and great support but this year, I feel like we have a much stronger team, so itll be a good game.

How’s preparation going for the big event?

Good! Preparations are under way with constant drills and plays enforced into practices.

How confident are you of victory this year?

Comparing positions in the League, we’re higher than them, so I’m feeling quite confident!


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