Varsity 2014 Preview: An Interview with VP Sports Evan Whyte


With Varsity nearly upon us and the arrival of the new AU kit, VP Sports Development Officer Evan Whyte answered some questions about final preparations and his predictions for the weekend fixtures.

Firstly – are you looking forward to the event? What are your hopes and expectations?

EW: I am really looking forward to the event. It is doubling up as the launch event for Team Southampton, so it promises to be a huge day. All I am hoping for now is a bit of sun! Fingers crossed that we regain the Trophy. Team Southampton have had a really good year, with many of our teams placing highly in their respective leagues and competitions. I think that we stand a very good chance of beating Pompey this year.

You have created a legacy already with the kit unification – are you proud of what you have achieved?

EW: The unification of team colours has been the biggest achievement of my year, so far. But it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the staff at SUSU who helped me during the process and the Athletic Union Committee. A special mention needs to go to Lucy Dowdall (the AU Officer) and James Huffam (the Under Armour representative), as they have been vital in the work that has happened this year. However, the job is not finished – Team Southampton is more than just colours, it is about creating a sporting identity for our Athletes and a sporting community at Southampton. If we can set the foundations for that this year, I will be thrilled and that would be the legacy I’d like to leave.

How have you ensured that controversial instances like last year won’t happen again this year?

EW: This year we have introduced the Varsity rulebook which guides the running of the day and formalises the procedures that take place on the day. The results desk this year and fully implemented scorecards should help. Additionally, we will have an agreed score before the day starts so no previous fixtures can be added, unless they are agreed prior to the day.

Are there any events you will be keeping an eye on in particular?

EW: I am looking forward to the 1st team Football and Rugby games. We have pushed them back to the end of the day so they cap off the action. They are always heated and full of passion, which really symbolises what the day means to the respective Athletic Unions.

How confident are you of Southampton bringing home the trophy on Sunday?

EW: I think we will win this weekend. With home advantage, the launch of Team Southampton and a number of our teams playing well, I expect us to come out on top.

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