Sports Results Round-Up: Weeks 16+17


Time to start with a confession – we messed up. There should have been another lot of results last week. Wires got crossed and people were busy and… we don’t really have an excuse.

Here are the results from the past 2 weeks:


Women’s Basketball

1sts: Won 82-79 against Exeter in the Premiership Playoff

Men’s Football

1sts: Drew 0-0 against Southampton Solent

2nds: Lost 2-1 against Bath

Women’s Hockey

1sts: Won against Oxford Brooks in the BUCS semi-final


BUKC Round 5: Southampton finished 2nd out of 52 teams

Men’s Lacrosse

1sts: Won 11-5 against Exeter 2nds and finish the season top of the league.

Men’s Rugby

1sts: Won 27-14 against Gloucestershire 1sts

Women’s Rugby

1sts: Won 26-24 against Southampton Solent


1sts: Won 4-1 against Baths 2nds. SUSC are promoted and end the season undefeated.


National Championships: Finished with 10 gold medals, 6 silver medals and 7 bronze medals.


1sts: Finished 2nd overall

2nds: Finished 5th overall

Men’s Waterpolo

1sts: Lost 9-8 against Bournemouth 1sts


If any teams would like their results added to the page please contact with info or post in the Southampton Athletics Union Results Facebook group.


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