Premier League Title in Touching Distance for Liverpool FC


Liverpool FC have edged even closer to winning the 2013/2014 Premier League title after a 2-3 win against Norwich City.

Today’s game saw Raheem Sterling clinch two goals, with Luis Suarez scoring the other bringing his total number of goals for the season to 30, making him the Premier League’s leading goal scorer this season.

Goal scorers Sterling and Suarez celebrate their 2-3 win over Norwich City
Goal scorers Sterling and Suarez celebrate their 2-3 win over Norwich City

Liverpool’s last title win came in 1990, but after Chelsea’s 1-2 defeat to Sunderland this week which has enabled Liverpool to take a five point lead at the top of the table with just three matches remaining, it appears to finally be in their grasp.

Winning the title would not only be the first win for Liverpool in 24 years, but also the first time that captain Stevan Gerrard would be able to lift the trophy that he has always wanted in his 16 years at the club, but never had the chance to. He commented:

“You just hang on to that one small glimmer of hope that one day you can have one small chance, one final go before you hang your boots up. And it’s here.”

This has been an important year for Liverpool, with the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, it seems that a title win this year would be the perfect tribute to the event which still haunts the city of Liverpool.


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