World Cup Mania: Colombian Teacher in Firing Line


From around the ages of 8-12 I thoroughly enjoyed collecting my Premier League and World Cup stickers. Before I go onto criticise, I have to confess to having had a habit of occasionally stealing the old Power Pod Football Microstars from friends. The gold base seemed to awaken the inner Gollum in me. However, a teacher using his position of authority to confiscate the latest Panini World Cup stickers from pupils in order to add to his own collection, is considerably worse and considerably funnier.

Colombian newspaper, El Espectador, detailed how a young teenage pupil had his stickers taken away from him, but later found his teacher using them for his own collection- in the staff room. I’m still wondering how he would see the adult carrying out his thieving ways in that particular area, perhaps the door was left ajar on this occasion.

Either way it has left the accused in a sticky situation with the police and, of course, disgruntled Colombian parents.

This is no way to set an example to children; taking away stickers for your own benefit..

Furious mother of child affected by scandal

Of course I would be livid if my teacher had done that and it would be regarded as a serious issue. But from an outsider looking in, it becomes more hilarious that the teacher is reported to have told the students he was confiscating the stickers because of his dislike for how such commercialization was distracting them from academia.


It appears as though the teacher was actually distracted from his priorities, and as the story unfolds it is sure to cause further embarrassment. The major question that remains unanswered is whether he actually completed his collection. It would come as a major blow to the perpetrator, who has gone to such extreme lengths to carry out this premeditated crime.

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