Toure’s Tantrums: Is This The Modern Footballer?


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Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure has threatened to leave the club this week following complaints from the midfielder that the club failed to congratulate him on his birthday.

Reports emerged on Tuesday that Toure was far from happy about his treatment from the club’s hierarchy over his 31st birthday last week. His agent Dimitry Seluk explained on Sky Sports News that the Ivory Coast international had still to receive an apology or explanation from the club, and that this has led to question marks over his future.

Football pundit Matt Le Tissier has described Toure’s attitude as ‘precious’ and how he never would have had a player with such an attitude back when he was a professional. This incident then raises serious questions and arguably proof for critics of modern footballers that today’s professionals are too pretentious and money driven.

Another Sky Sports pundit Guillem Balagué, claims that these are tactics which have been used before by Toure during his time at Barcelona. Balagué says that “He is using the same words as he did at Barcelona, but he should change his tune if he is going to try what he is trying to do which is a contractual situation. Now everyone knows he is upset, I say upset in inverted commas. He is available or if you (City) want to keep him happy just give him another contract. That’s what it is all about.’

Toure has openly expressed his desire to return to Barcelona before he ends his playing career, wether or not he will return this season remains doubtful. City have the resources to keep a player like Toure at the club even if he is unhappy. They have every right to stick him in the reserves for a few months if he is ‘unhappy’ as they are under no pressure to sell him and would not be breaching the terms of his contract.

To an extent, Toure has every right to complain, the fact that they allegedly failed to congratulate him on his birthday is a tad unprofessional. But when considered in the wider perspective it does rather make him seem like he’s having a childish tantrum. Firstly, the club claim to have video proof of the players singing him happy birthday and presenting him with a cake on the day. Secondly, it must be remembered that Manchester City were celebrating the triumph of claiming the Premier League title that week, a celebration of which he was massively involved in. When Toure’s name was read out to come and collect his winners medal on the final day of the season, he got one of the largest receptions, the fans sing his name very week and some virtually worship him. However finally, to me the biggest issue is that he is a world renown footballer, earning over £200,000 per week, wining countless trophies and he gets upset over a minor detail which could of been an honest mistake. When I think of the countless kids which probably see him as one of their role models it is sad to think that these are potentially some of the attitudes they may learn.

If Toure is trying to engineer a move back to Barcelona, the viewpoint of Balagué certainly is a strong one; he needs to change his attitude and fast, as this certainly won’t get him back in that famous Blue and Red jersey any time soon.


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