Championship Battle Will Go Down To Last Race


Bethonie Waring explains how she feels the race for the Formula One Championship will go all the way to Abu Dhabi

Another one two for Mercedes means the championship battle will go down to the wire in the last race in Abu Dhabi on the 22nd of November. Once again the Mercedes pair were in a race of their own, un-pestered by those fighting for third place behind them. Nico Rosberg started the race in pole position but it was his team mate who crossed the line in first in Austin on Sunday. Hamilton’s lead over Rosberg is now eighteen points, but double points in the final race means that, whatever happens in Brazil, it will still be mathematically possible for the German to win the championship.

Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo, third in the championship, finished third after fighting to get past both Williams cars, but it was his team mate who won driver of the race for me. Current world champion Sebastian Vettel has had a tough season, and started the race in the US from the pit lane due to a penalty, but the German proved he still has the qualities that led to him winning his four championships by taking over half the grid to finish in seventh, and battling hard with Alonso, the man he is rumoured to be replacing at Ferrari.

The race was, once again, almost over shadowed by the happenings off track. The grid was four cars down as two teams, Marussia and Caterham, have fallen into financial difficulty and have been excused from this and the next race in Brazil. Money has always been tight for the smaller teams, with some drivers not being paid last year, and there’s been a call from the lower end of the grid for the rules to be changed. A price cap was suggested a few years ago but plans for that has since been scrapped. This year has been additionally expensive due to the regulation changes meaning new engines needed to be designed. Before the race, there were rumours that some of the smaller teams that were still on the grid would boycott the race, but that did not happen.

Mercedes, who have already won the constructors championship, know now that one of their drivers will take the drivers’ championship, but which one won’t be decided until Abu Dhabi. If Hamilton wins, this will be his second driver’s championship, having won exactly six years ago on Sunday. Rosberg’s yet to win a championship, but double points and Mercedes’ arch-nemesis this season, unreliability, the battle is still wide open.

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