F1: Two Stars in Brazil, but Not the Ones You’re Thinking Of


Bethonie Waring highlights her two stand-out performers from the Brazilian Grand Prix, and its not Roseberg or Hamilton…

Unsurprisingly, Mercedes gained yet another one two in the penultimate race of the season, Brazil. This time Nico Rosberg, second in the championship, came out on top of team mate Lewis Hamilton, out-performing the Brit in every session this weekend. Double points in the Abu Dhabi race means that Hamilton only has to come second in the final race in order to take the constructor’s championship.

But enough of that. Because we’re all sick of that story.

There were two stars of the race for me this weekend. The first is another British driver, Jenson Button, who won the championship in Brazil five years ago. If rumours are to be believed, Button is without a seat (that is, he doesn’t have anyone to race with) next year. But this weekend Button showed why he deserves to be on the grid next year.

The McLaren car is nowhere near the Mercedes this year (the only car that is comparable to the Mercedes this year is the Williams, and even they don’t compare very well), and both Button and his team mate have been struggling. But Button still managed to put in a fantastic race, showing the world what he can do and proving he has earned his place in Formula One. The Brit started fifth, behind only the Mercedes and the Williams, and had to battle with Bottas and Räikkönen to move up one position to fourth. Button showed superb driving all race and, in my eyes, doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

My second star of the race is local boy Felipe Massa. Massa also won the championship in Brazil, six years ago, only to have it taken 38.907 seconds later by Hamilton. For only the second time this season, the Williams driver finished on the podium. Massa’s race really condensed most of his season down into seventy one laps: stupid mistakes, bad luck here and there, but always fighting. Speeding in the pit lane landed him a five second stop go penalty and during one of the pit stops the Brazilian pulled into the wrong pits, but he still managed to stay in third, where he started the race, much to the joy of the home crowd. Felipe won best of the rest in the two most important races for him this season: his own home race and that of Ferrari, the team he left at the end of the last season.

Whatever happens in two weeks’ in Abu Dhabi, this season is going to be remembered for the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg, but there have been stars like Button and Massa all season. It’s still not known who we’ll see on the grid next year, but there will always be stars over looked and we can only hope the ones already present will continue to shine.



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