Flick and Swish: Success for Southampton Quidditch Club


On the 8th and 9th of November, Southampton Quidditch Club hosted its first tournament: the Southern Cup. With 8 teams participating from across the south, Southampton not only organised the 2 day tournament, but were also successful in reaching the final, finishing the weekend with silver medals. And to top it all off, most of the team had never played Quidditch before this semester.

With teams from London to Cornwall competing, the Southern Cup draws a large crowd of players and spectators and this year was no exception. Despite weather conditions being far from pleasant over the entire weekend, this did nothing to dampen the spirits of those competing or in the crowd.

Charlie Taylor, chaser for SQC, said:

It was awesome. One of the best weekends I’ve had since coming to uni!


Ollie Craig, vice captain of SQC, said:

The atmosphere at Quidditch tournaments are always impressively friendly. Whenever you wander between pitches there will always be someone, stranger or not, willing to strike up a conversation.

For many of the home team, the Southern cup was their first tournament. However, this didn’t stop them from muscling their way into the final to play against the European champions, the Radcliffe Chimeras. Lydia Calder, chaser for SQC, was impressed by the way the newbies performed:

I knew we had the potential to make it to the final. But it’s another thing actually going out there and doing it.

Despite losing the match 110-30, Southampton Quidditch Club left the pitch with heads held high and decorated in silver.

So what’s next for the club? Ollie has big plans for the future:

Next for SQC is the creation of a second team. We have enough players to do so, many of which were so close to making the first 21, which I know will lead to a very strong second team.

With high hopes for the future, and the British Quidditch Championships around corner, it is safe to say that SQC will be conjuring more medals in the near future.


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