In the build up to Varsity 2015, Sport Editor Jack Pethick interviews the current VP Sports, Katie Lightowler, to get her views on Varsity.

Does being VP Sport make Varsity all that little bit more special?

Yes I think it definitely does! I think when you are one of the main people organising an event like this, it also makes it that bit more special. Being in this role has been tremendously rewarding and Varsity is hopefully going to be the best bit yet. This is the one day in the year that almost all of our teams come together in one event. I’m excited!

How do you think Varsity will go this year? Do you think that it will be the same huge margin as last year?

How much preparation goes into preparing a competition like this? It must take a lot of work?

Quite a bit of preparation – much of our work is rallying teams and supporters together. We’ve also got to ensure that things like timetabling and results desks work well on the Portsmouth end. There’s a lot to do.

In what way would victory at Varsity be a stepping point in the current re-brand that Team Southampton is undertaking?

The re-brand has been a key focus all year. Varsity is a pinnacle point in the year to measure our success. I think that the number of t-shirts sold and supporters we have at the event will really show that. A Varsity victory for me personally, will increase how proud I am to be part of Team Southampton, as I hope it will others.

The SUSU Elections are well under way now, with voting starting this week, do you have any advice for the current VP Sports candidates?

Obviously voting has now opened – my advice would be to hang on – the end is in sight!

Have you looked at any of the candidates manifestos and thought ‘Wow, that’s a good idea, or, ‘I wish I thought of that!’?

Jamie’s idea of a payment portal is something I had not thought of I will admit – it is very true that the Box office is a confusing forum for our groups and would make things a lot easier.

Sum up how you feel about Varsity in 3 words.

Eager. Excited. Proud.


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