Some Sporting Tips For Freshers


Freshers is undoubtedly one of the best times you will have at university, but with its inevitable hectic nature, it’s often hard to keep a track of everything that you want to do, sign-up for, where to be and when. Many freshers often drunkenly get to late October and find that they weren’t able to make or didn’t know about the trials for a sports club, or think it’s too late to get involved. Fortunately, Wessex Scene Sport team are on hand to give you a few pointers on how to get the most out of your sporting experience here at Southampton.

1) Be Ruthless.

If you’re like me and came to university wanting to continue playing the 2/3 Sports you did at school or home, you may have to sacrifice a port or two as this sadly isn’t always possible to do. Inevitably, trials for teams may clash and you may find that trying to juggle a degree, societies and a few sports teams on top of that may be a little too much. Equally, if you spread yourself too thin, it might affect your sporting experience socially too: Sporting socials are often on the same nights so if you’re trying to alternate between two or three teams you may miss out or not make as stronger bonds if you’re just in one team. It is therefore imperative that you know coming to uni which sport you want to take seriously, and which you may play more casually at an intra-mural level or so.

2) Make the most of your Sabb.

The Bunfight is paramount to you starting your sporting career at University, so hopefully you made the most of it! As you all know, the Bunfight is where you all information relating to a sporting society could be found and you got the chance to sign up and talk to team members of the Societies and Sports Clubs. Hopefully you went  to all the stalls,  asked lots of questions and didn’t get swept away with the tides of people shoving through! I’ve been going to the Bunfight for two years now and I’ve always found a new or interesting society or Sports team.

If you didn’t attend the Bunfight or didn’t quite find out everything you need, fear not! If you are still interested in joining a sport society, ensure that you make the most of your Sport Sabbatical officer (this year it’s Jamie Wilson) you can get in touch with via Facebook, or email him at He will be able to help you get involved or answer any additional questions you have, so feel free to bombard him with questions! At the end of the day, it’s his job to help you with all your sporting needs and queries, so take advantage of his availability!

3) The Gym Pass IS Worth It!

Hopefully you will all have bought your Jubilee gym memberships before you arrive in Southampton, but for all those still debating it throughout the course of freshers, it really is worth it. Inevitably you will meet a lot of grumpy old third years like myself saying it’s not worth it, but it really is. It is one of the cheapest in the country at £145 for 12 months and it is fantastic value if you make the most of it. In addition, the membership currently is also needed if you wish to play competitive sport at the University as it covers the university insurance wise, so if you needed any more of a reason there it is!

4) It’s Never Too Late!

If you inevitably get to the end of October and for whatever reason haven’t signed up or tried out for a sports team, please do not think it’s too late to get involved. There are plenty of AU and intra-mural teams that will happily accept late-comers. Just search the SUSU page or ask around for the Captain or President’s contact details and usually they’ll be more than happy to let you come along to one of the training sessions and get stuck in.

5) Be Confident And Go For it!

This was arguably my biggest issue coming into sport at University, and most likely is for a lot of new comers. It can be intimidating trying out for the University or even intra-mural teams, with the quality and sheer amount of players on show meaning that often people don’t think they’ll be good enough to make the cut. Nerves are an inevitable part of competitive sport, but at trials you should be thinking that you have nothing to use. Try to play and perform with confidence and keep it simple. Even if you don’t make it into the main AU ones there are plenty of intra-mural teams to get stuck in with. Pretty much all the teams here at Southampton are set-up to help people of all levels, even if you have never tried the sport before.


Jack Pethick. Sport Editor 2014-2016. Third-Year History student. Mainly write for the Sport section but dabble in writing News and Features. General Armchair pundit and lover of all things Sport. #WouldDoABetterJobThanCarragher

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