Varsity 2016: Quidditch


In the build up to this weekends Varsity competition, writer, Joel Davis, interviews SQC Club Captain, Charlie Taylor, to get his views on the biggest fixture for Team Southampton this year. 

Last year saw a Varsity first: a match-up between the two University Quidditch teams, resulting in a 120-40 victory to Southampton. As the reigning British champions and European bronze medalists, Southampton Quidditch Club will be hoping to maintain their outstanding form against Portsmouth, especially with the British Quidditch Cup only a week away.

I spoke to Charlie Taylor, captain of Southampton Quidditch Club, about the impending match.

How has the season for your team gone so far?

I would say it has gone alright for us this season. We started off on a high at the Battle of the Four Armies against Warwick, Oxford and Durham and managed to place third at Southern Cup despite many injuries. However things are only going to go uphill from here on out, The British and European Quidditch Cups will be different and we are gunning for the top spot. Last years match was pretty one sided.

Are you confident you can get the same result?

We are fairly sure we should be able to get the same result, however, I would expect Portsmouth to put up more of a challenge than they did last year. They were very inexperienced and a fairly new team and that showed. This time around they have much more experience, however, I feel like what may give us a clear advantage is the number of players that they are able to bring.

How does it feel to have Quidditch included in this event?

It is really refreshing to be included in such a big sporting event and we are all proud to represent the university. It will give us a great chance to be able to showcase what Quidditch is about and show that we are a proper sport not to be taken for granted.

What are your team’s strengths? Are there any key players to look out for?

Our team strengths will definitely be in the defensive and aggressive capabilities of our beaters, some of which have trained with TeamUK. With beater being the most tactical position arguably, this experience will definitely give us an advantage. Hopefully our passing game will be up to scratch on the day too; some of the key players I would say to look out for is Ajay Gohil, Matteo Barraclough and the resident TeamUK players, Aaron Veale, Imy Gregg and Alex Carpenter. They will be able to show you how to Quidditch is played on an international level.

Prediction of final score?

Hopefully the score will be along the lines of 180*-0, I don’t plan on conceding any goals!

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