ITV Switches Off To Get People Off The Couch


People are slowly beginning to realise that whilst Team GB are very high up in the medals table, we’re the best at sitting down sports. In ‘sitting’ sports we’ve actually won the most medals – these events including: equestrian, cycling, canoeing, and rowing amongst others.

Despite this, we’ve still got to be super proud of our Olympians for doing so well.

However, whilst our Olympians are super-fit athletic super-humans, the rest of us are not – so says ITV.

Due to our inherent laziness as a nation, ITV are to turn off all seven of it’s channels for one hour to encourage their viewers to get off the couch and go for a jog.

Anyone who switches on ITV at 9:30am through until 10:30am on 27th August will see the message ‘We’ve gone running – Why don’t you join us?’.

In addition, 2,000 sports clubs will open their doors to anyone who wants to participate.

Of course, ITV aren’t actually accusing us of all being lazy, television loving Brits. This is for one huge event celebrating Team GB’s successes called ‘I am Team GB’. The event is being run in conjunction with the National Lottery which funds the British athletes in Brazil.

So for this hour, viewers won’t be able to watch Heartbeat (ITV Encore), Murder, She Wrote (ITV), Coronation Street Omnibus (ITV2), The Real Housewives of Orange County (ITVBe), Heidi (ITV3), Shed and Buried (ITV4) and Deadtime Stories (CITV).

Switching off a whole TV network is pretty huge, so chances are it’ll be pretty motivational!


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