Wait… That’s A Sport?


Sports are played worldwide, across many different cultures and circumstances and this is shown in the sheer range of sports that have been created and played throughout the years. There is no end to the kind of crazy sport that people around the world have thought up. Here we have searched high and low to reveal to you some of the wackiest sports out there. To help narrow the list down, we have chosen the niche sports that have an organized competitive league of some sort for players to compete in.


Unicycle Football – Texas, USA

That’s right, this is full contact American football but with all the players on unicycles. Originally created from a dream that a young Marcus Garland had, the league has grown from just two teams, the Hot Dogs and Unicychos, now to a total of 8 including the most recent “Smash Bowl” winners, Los Bierdos. Every game starts with a joust to decide who receives the kick, from then on it is absolute chaos. The game requires players to have excellent balance and speed to change direction quickly and to be able to remain on their unicycle whilst being tackled by their opposing number. There is a lot more action than your traditional American football, with a typical score line likely to be somewhere in the region of 70-68. Going into their 11th season, this sport looks like it’s going to be providing entertainment for many years to come.


Underwater hockey – Worldwide

Ever wondered if hockey was missing something? Well, maybe you should give underwater hockey a try. It consists of 6 players who are equipped with fins, a snorkel and a hockey stick, where the aim is to hit the weighted puck at the bottom of the pool into the opposing goal. The sport was created in England as a way to keep members of the Southsea Sub-Aqua Club interested and active over the winter period. Now the sport is played worldwide with teams from Argentina to Zimbabwe to Australia. There are world championships every two years with the next one being hosted by South Africa, where the French mens side and New Zealand’s women will be looking to retain their world titles claimed two years earlier.


International Football Rules – Australia and Ireland

Do not let the title misguide you, this is not anything like association football. This is a beautiful blend of Aussie Rules and Gaelic Football created for the sole purpose of allowing Aussie Rules players and Gaelic Football players the chance to play against each other. The sport is full contact and is played on a large rectangular pitch using a round ball. The “goal” is comprised of three sections. A traditional football goal that will net you 6 points, above the cross bar of this goal will get you three points if you can slot the ball through, while to either side there is a larger goal that will collect you 1 point. The first international match was played in 1967 where the touring Australian side defeated the Irish Gaelic football side 25-13. Not surprisingly the sport hasn’t really caught on outside of Australia and Ireland, but nonetheless, it’s certainly very entertaining to watch.


Combat Juggling – Europe and America

Yep, combat juggling is a sport. The aim is to continue juggling your batons while knocking the other player’s batons out of the air, forcing them to drop them. The scope of this sport is immense, there are team games, special mode games such as “zombie mode” where players can re-enter the fray and many more. The concentration required to be able to juggle while thinking about all these tactics is off the scale. And people take it very seriously: there is a world ranking system for individuals to try to top. Along with Major League Combat, a league created for teams to compete against each other, run by the World Juggling Federation.


Dødsing – Norway

Dødsing aka belly-flopping, is a sport based in Norway. The idea is to throw yourself off a 10metre platform and remain in a “flat” position for as long as possible with bonus marks awarded for style. Then just before the competitors enter the water, they curl into a ball to prevent any serious injury (belly flopping from 10 metres could easily result in several broken ribs). The first championship for this daredevil sport was held in Frognerbadet in 2008 and has now become an annual spectacle. It has a devoted following; in 2011 the event had 1000 paying spectators and over 300 others had to be turned away due to a lack of space.


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