Varsity 2017 Recap: Swimming


The main event of Varsity 2017 draws closer, with less than a week to go before the central day kicks off in Portsmouth this Saturday. The swimming took place last night on our home turf, as the main day clashed with BUCS League next week. With familiar territory on our side, we welcomed the Portsmouth team, who brought a significantly stronger team this year…

Image: Mens 4×50 Freestyle Relay. Credit: Ellen Jenne


With several races to get underway, both Team Southampton and Portsmouth put their best foot forward. Jubilee was kitted out, both teams eager to show off the talent they have. This talent on both sides resulted in a draw overall. The races aren’t as simple as you may think. There is no 1st to 4th place, but only 2 winners- the winner of the A team, and the winner of the B team. So think of it as 4 teams competing, and at the end the points won come together for the¬†overall total.


So the results are as followed:


  • Southampton University A: 8.00
  • Portsmouth University¬†A: 4.00
  • Southampton University B: 11.00
  • Portsmouth University B: 1.00


  • Southampton University A: 4.00
  • Portsmouth University A: 8.00
  • Southampton University B: 5.00
  • Portsmouth University B: 7.00


Image: SUSC’s Captains Leon Berchie and Abbie Goldfinch. Credit: Ellen Jenne

With a win for Southampton Mens over Pompey, and a close loss for our Womens, we ended the night in a draw. It can’t go unnoticed that Pompey brought an incredibly strong team to us this year, and their Womens’ win was well deserved.

Special mention goes out to ex Southampton Captains Courtney Rowan and Christian Rotundu, current Captains Abbie Goldfinch and Leon Berchie, and to Coach Mateo Maciuniak, who smashed their races, proving that Southampton really does have an incredibly strong team.

And well done to the Mens and Womens 4×50 Metre Freestyle Relay teams, who continued to show Portsmouth who the stronger team is.

Overall, Southampton were put through their paces, and each win was well deserved for both sides!


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