Varsity 2017 Recap: Gymnastics


After several sports having already competed, due to the big day clashing with other fixtures, Southampton have a solid lead of 46-22. Here is the roundup for the Gymnastics competition which was held on Sunday.

Unfortunately it was a tight loss for the gymnastics’ squad, the final results being 141.2 – 132.2 in Portsmouth’s favour. That isn’t to say there wasn’t to say there was nothing to celebrate, as summed up by Caitlin Conington with this quote:

Portsmouth may won overall, however there was much individual success!

Credit: Southampton Uni Gymnastics

Several athletes medalled, including Caitlin herself who picked up a gold in the Women’s intermediate category. The other medal winners were:

Women’s Novice – Anna Hennessey bronze

Women’s intermediate – Caitlin Conington gold, Georgie Hoff silver, Rachel Ogilvie bronze (A sweep of the board!)

Men’s intermediate – Guy Joseph bronze


The next events for Varsity are golf and sailing, both happening on Wednesday the 15th.

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