Tennis: Wimbledon Woe For Cilic As Final Won In Straight Sets By Federer


Roger Federer has won another Wimbledon title after defeating Marin Cilic in straight sets on Centre Court.

Claiming his first Wimbledon final since 2012, Federer won 6-3 6-1 6-4 as Cilic struggled both mentally and physically with blisters on his left foot.

For Federer this was his 11th Wimbledom final while this was Cilic’s first. Both players came into the final with completely opposing challenges in the earlier rounds. During the matches preceding the final Cilic spent an extra four and half hours on court while Federer didn’t drop a single set throughout the tournament.  While Federer was making his comeback after taking six months off in January sue to a knee injury which had been affecting the third seed for a year and a half.

From losing the opening point, nerves seemed to take over. After losing the first two sets, it was thought that Cilic was going to retire which would have been the first retirement in a men’s singles final since 1911. However, the seventh seed took a medical time-out so to apply strapping and padding to his left foot.

During the third set, Cilic fought on reaching 3-3 in the thord set as Federer pushed for a break. Federer’s break came as Cilic netted successively. For Cilic it was not to be. As the match came to a close, Federer seemed impossible to break. Federer served for the title for the first time since 2012, and fourteen years after his first victory, Federer won the Men’s Singles Final.

After the match Federer said: “It is cruel sometimes, but he fought well and he’s a hero, so congratulations on a wonderful tournament, Marin. You should be really proud. You had a wonderful tournament and sometimes you don’t just see great in a final.” The third seed continued stating “I’ve got to take more time off, I don’t know. I’m going to be gone again for the next six months. Better than winning this trophy is being healthy. I’m feeling great. The tournament I’ve played, not dropping a set, it’s magical. It’s too much. It’s belief that I can achieve such heights. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be here after last year. I had some tough ones, losing to Novak. I kept on believing and dreaming and here I am today with the eighth. It’s fantastic. It’s such a special court. So many legends have marked this court, the women’s game, the men’s game, mixed, doubles. From day one to finals day, Centre Court is always packed and it’s a dream to play here. I hope I can come back next year to try to defend the title.”

While a very disheartened Cilic congratulated Federer and stated: “I never gave up when I started a match. That was my idea today. I gave my best and that’s all I could do. I had an amazing journey here. I played the best tennis of my life. I want to thank my team, they gave so much strength to me. It was really tough today and I’m hoping I’m going to come back here and try one more time.”

In short, while the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final was disappointing, I doubt many people would say that Federer was undeserving, and that there is any spite towards Cilic. It was clear that the match was just too much for Cilic and he just wasn’t ready. We can only hope that Cilic recovers and both players move from strength to strength.


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