Reviewing the Charity Boxing Fight Night: One Month On


A month ago the Charity Boxing Fight Night took place at Oceana, a white collar boxing event co-hosted by RAG and SUABC, in front of a vast crowd of 900. 32 participants were split into two teams: the Red team (captained by SUABC’s President, Hugo Flint), and the Blue team (led by SUABC’s Social Secretary, Michael Cleary). The two captains kickstarted the night with an ‘explosive’ start, the bout ending in an entertaining draw. The night featured two female bouts, which were perhaps more entertaining than the male bouts. In total, the night ended with an overwhelming victory for the Red team, winning 11 of the 16 bouts, whilst there were 3 draws overall.

The most excruciating training ever

Whilst I would categorise myself as fit and a lad who trains regularly in the gym, it’s clear that boxing is a completely different fitness. To put it simply: I thought I had good cardio, until I stepped into a boxing ring. The training involved two sparring sessions a week, a technique session, and conditioning. Throwing a punch is one thing – learning to take a hit is another – this is something I gradually had to get used to. Conditioning involves getting yourself into the best shape possible, through gruelling exercises like skipping, core work, and sprints. Going to the gym might be difficult, but waking up early on a Sunday morning for sprints does not compare. The toughest part of the training camp was keeping a strict diet, including limiting nights out (which isn’t easy at university). Nonetheless this paid dividends as I was in tip-top condition, and won my bout as a result.

Charity ‘the real winner’

Whilst winning feels good, it is evident from the money raised that charity was the real winner. In total, £18,000 was raised on behalf of Movember. This was in part down to the ticket sales of the 900 who attended, but also from the participants: Leo Hadjinicolaou being the biggest raiser, with a substantial £775.

In summary, it was an unforgettable night, and one of the greatest experiences at university. Credit must go to RAG and SUABC for making it possible; it’s exciting to see what they have in store for us next semester… Fight Night Part 2?


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