Is Paris The Right Man For You?


This article is brought to you via me via the good people at Cosmopolitan, using their quiz “Is he the one?” with a few minor adaptations. Enjoy!

Is Paris ‘the one’?

Is Paris Mr Right? Or just Mr Right Now? Find out if Paris has legs and whether it’s settling down material.

1. Imagine you will never live in another place again. How does that make you feel?
A. Scared! It’s weird (and a bit boring) to think I’ll be committed to this city forever but I guess that’s what growing up’s about

B. Confused. I’m content now but you never know what’s around the corner

C. Happy – I only want to be with my capital city. I don’t feel I’d be missing out, I’m more than satisfied

My answer: B – to be honest I am loving it here in Paris, but I can’t really ever see myself living out of England.

2. How does your current location compare to you last one?
It’s totally different here and I’ve changed since my last location too

B. My previous homes were bad boys but I’ve found a good location now!

C. All my locations have been similar and my current place is definitely ‘my type’

My answer: A – Paris is evidently different to back home. Besides the obvious language shift, where I actually feel I really am progressing (in fact a 70 year old lady who was blatantly trying to chat me up on the way home from work said that I spoke French “sans accent fort”, which was a real ego boost), the French capital is very different to London. It’s often said that French culture, and more specifically Parisian culture, possesses a relatively high level of class compared to its British counterpart, and to be fair to them this is true to a certain degree. However it should also be interpreted as arrogance and the inability to accept that maybe Australian or Italian wine and food may in fact be better.

3. How much do you trust Paris?
We never really talk about it but I know we trust each other 100%

B. I try to but I still worry and I sometimes need reassurance

C. Paris gives unasked-for reassurance that it would never cheat on or harm me, so I trust it a lot

My answer: C – bit of a weird question there Cosmo, but I will be loyal to the quiz and my readers and answer the questions honestly. I feel totally safe here, very rarely nervous about areas of Paris. Of course if I were to drift into a rough neighbourhood and wasn’t wearing neutral gang colours, I would have to pull out my nine and bust a cap (Jim Carrey’s words in Liar Liar not mine) but for the moment I feel fine.

4. Do your friends and family like your Paris?
Yes, they love it here just as much as I do!

B. I think so, they’re happy as long as I am

C. I’m not sure; nowhere ever seems to be good enough

My answer: A – everyone in my family has been to Paris at one time or another and they really do love the city, so it’s such a pleasure when my family come to visit. It is equally pleasant for me when my girlfriend or my friends come who have not visited Paris before / not been in a while as I feel a certain level of knowledge of the region and I love taking them round (as it is also a sort of power / authority!).

5. Are you able to handle its little faults?
Yes, things like not putting the toilet seat down are easy to brush off

B. I’m trying to change its bad traits – it’s for its own good too!

C. Its habits like never waiting for people to get off the metro drive me crazy

My answer: C – I’d have liked to have chosen B but sadly C is the answer. I long since stopped trying to install some of our British chivalry on the metro and wait for people to get off before starting my journey; I feel Paris could really benefit from such lessons in etiquette. But in fact I unfortunately caved in and became a true Parisian, sometimes not waiting for others, but more often because people behind are virtually molesting me with their pushing rather than me pushing others.

6. You’re on a girlie holiday. How do you feel when you spend a week apart from your Paris?
I miss it because I spend so much time there; it feels weird when I’m not there

B. It’s constantly on my mind so when we’re apart I genuinely miss it

C. I like the space. A week’s not really long enough to miss it too much!

My answer: C – slightly difficult to answer as I haven’t actually experienced being sans-Paris yet. Christmas will be my first test of being Paris-less, but as I haven’t been home in so long or seen friends back in England I think answer C will no doubt be the case. However at the end of my year abroad I’m sure I will long for Paris, more representative of answer A.

7. What are your arguments like?
We argue occasionally but with purpose and resolution. We always respect each other’s opinions

B. We don’t argue. I hate confrontation so I just let things slide

C. They’re fiery and passionate – we get very heated but always make up straight after

My answer: B – well unless you’re a simpleton or one of the local nutters, I don’t think you can have an argument with a city. Qualms yes, altercations no. Tiffs yes, disputes no.

A summary of my answers: B, A, C, A, C, C, B.


It’s Mr Right for now

It’s not to say Paris can’t become ‘the one’, but for now don’t get too caught up in buying a place there. You have a good time but you may not have the right makeup for a life-long relationship with Paris. If you only miss it because you live in its pocket (not because it’s your priority) or if you need regular reassurance to trust it then these wrinkles might turn to cracks when the honeymoon period wears off. Enjoy it for now and take things as they come but don’t put all your eggs in one basket, not until you’re 100%.

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Well I think this pretty much concludes the quiz – living in Paris is only temporary so I am enjoying my stay greatly at the moment and will continue to do so for the entirety of the year abroad. But I will try and follow the guidance of the quiz: try not to get too attached and use Palmolive Soft & Gentle Body Responsive. Cheers for reading guv’nahs, mind ‘ow you go.


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