Budget British Holiday? Stay at University…


Thinking of taking a holiday in Britain this summer? Whilst the weather may not rival that of our European neighbours, a holiday in Britain could leave you with a much brighter looking bank statement, thanks to affordable accommodation, provided by Universities across the country.

Many institutions across Britain such as Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and many more, are renting out rooms in halls of residence for the general public, with students often able to get discounted rates. As rooms have been vacated over the summer period, it makes sense for Universities to make the most out of empty halls, and by providing Youth Hostel-like services across the country in some of Britain’s most popular tourist cities, possibilities for cheap, student friendly travel across Britain have been greatly increased, for British students and foreign travellers.

Although at the moment, many Universities do not use a central booking system, meaning it is not as simple as using a hostel or hotel, surely there is no doubt that Universities will begin to realise the potential in renting out rooms during the holidays, both financially and in helping to attract people to the city.

Universities currently letting out rooms can be seen on www.universityrooms.co.uk. After clicking your chosen destination you will be directed to a location-specific booking site, where you can check availability of rooms, as well as the type of room you wish to stay at. Prices appear to range from about £20 up to about £50; however, cost will increase for en-suite rooms and catered rooms. Whilst rooms are available in central London, naturally, these are significantly more expensive.

Many inner city hotels may be outside the average student’s budget, however, halls of residence provide the perfect base to explore Britain’s most interesting cities, particularly from a student’s perspective. You are almost guaranteed to be near bars, pubs and clubs that provide a haven for local students the rest of the year.

In a summer when thousands of tourists will be descending on London for the 2012 Olympic Games, cheap accommodation is a necessity, and although student living may not sound ideal for the older generation, most halls nowadays are clean, comfortable and crucially, affordable.

We are constantly being encouraged to take British holidays, so prepare yourself to go back to your first year of 3am fire alarms and waking up with large traffic signs in your bedroom.





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    I took a family holiday in some halls at Bristol Uni once. It was a bit weird living in a large corridor with just mum, dad and my brothers, but it was all clean, well-maintained and convenient for the city. Surprisingly good way to do a holiday.

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    When I first moved to Southampton to work at the University (of Southampton) I spent 4 weeks living at the Solent University halls of residence.

    It gave me plenty of time to find a good flat to live in without feeling rushed, while the kitchen gave me the basics that I need to feed myself immediately. I’m really very thankful for it.

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