“Been there, done that, got the t-shirt”


It’s the age old saying.

Once January hits, it’s the time for a new everything: diet, lifestyle, exercise regimes, daily routines, new places to visit and so on. But, is this really necessary? With the short days and bleak weather we are all looking for a change or our next escape. So, nearly every travel company bombards us with new destinations for our ‘new’ selves to visit.

But, I feel the prefix ’re’ (meaning again) is more apt for this time of year. It’s time to revisit, redo, review and reflect on the highlights from year before; as this is really the key to our ‘new’ selves and not trying to create a whole different person.

Pondering, I quickly realised what my highlight of last year was – travel. The sense of adventure and freedom that travel gives you when discovering a different place.

So, instead of trying somewhere new: why not re-visit somewhere you have been to before? Everybody has that one place, where they dream about going back to. Of course there’s a lot to say for new travel experiences; but there’s also a lot to say for rediscovering old places. You cannot visit a city or place and see everything or experience it all at once. Returning allows a deeper understanding of the area and the opportunity to see a different side of the place.

La Sagrada Familia Source: Nuala McBride

Instead, the difficulties of having to overcome where to stay, what to do, how to navigate the area, are all sorted.  Revisiting gives you time, to look again at your highlights from the previous trip and rediscover more of that place – the culture, the architecture, the food and the people. Isn’t this why we travel in the first place?

One trip to a place cannot reveal everything that place has to offer. So, where will I be revisiting? Barcelona. I had a whirlwind (touristy) couple of days there last year and only saw the surface of what the city has to offer (or the touristy perspective). But, there is a lot more to discover there to understand the real city. So to end with another cliché – I’m going to ‘get off the beaten track’ and discover a whole new side of Barcelona.

Where will you be revisiting in 2015?



Deputy Editor 2016 -2017. I'm a Geography student here at Southampton. Also, an avid adventurer; who is always up for discovering somewhere whether it's new or old.

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