5 reasons to visit Salamanca, Spain


There are heaps of reasons to visit this beautiful, lively city. Visit the cultural spots, high street and Plaza Mayor by day. Return to the square in the evening for Salamanca’s amazing nightlife. And, what better excuse to take a holiday than enrolling on a Spanish language course?


The New Cathedral

Not only is it magnificent to look at, but the New Cathedral also has some hidden mysteries. It is one of two cathedrals in the city and was constructed between the 16th and 18th century. There is something mysterious about the national monument because of some of its carvings: an ice-cream eating gargoyle as well as an astronaut. The last restorations took place in the 18th century- long before spacemen were even dreamt of! Go and appreciate the picture-perfect view of the building and see if you can spot the out-of-place sculpture work.

One of the mysterious carvings: the astronaut.
One of the mysterious carvings: the astronaut.

The Plaza Mayor

Day or night, there will be something going on in the public square. People gather for both celebration and relaxation: it’s architecture is just as wondrous as the cathedral’s. Boutiques, bakeries, wine bars, ice-cream parlors and restaurants surround the area. The oldest café in Salamanca, Café Novelty, is definitely recommended. It is within the Plaza and is said to have some very well known visitors.

Salamanca's Plaza Mayor
Salamanca’s Plaza Mayor

 Language schools

With the University of Salamanca and thousands of students on your doorstep, this city is the ultimate place to take up a Spanish language course. ISLA language school is highly recommended: it caters to students from all over the world and has excellent reviews.


La Chupiteria

Let’s not kid ourselves, we’re students and we actively look for decent nightlife. Salamanca is renown for it’s partying: as a university town, clubbers don’t even start their clubbing night until 1am. Start your evening off at La Chupiteria- an incredible shot bar. Their signature shot, El Chupito, is worth a try and comes with whipped cream! They’ve got all sorts of flavours and spirits from Tobacco shots (not recommended) to cherry, avocado or ginger shots. The bar is extremely close to the Plaza Mayor (main square) and, like the majority of places in Salamanca, is very cheap with €1 shots.

La Chupiteria's signature shot.
La Chupiteria’s signature shot.


Camelot is definitely the place to go to after a round at La Chupiteria. As a nightclub, it has great music, a large dance floor and a few stages that I’m sure most of you will be up on by 2am!


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