A Postcard from… Bournemouth


A famous holiday destination and large coastal town, Bournemouth boasts seven miles of golden sands and glossy seaside. Its spot along the south of coast of the country attracts over five million visitors annually. So, what’s all the fuss about?

Bournemouth has hit headlines enormously in recent weeks with AFC Bournemouth being promoted to the premier league. Before the beloved Cherries’ success, Bournemouth was nonetheless on the map for its retail, leisure and entertainment businesses. The town centre features a variety of shops, restaurants, tourist accommodation, nightlife and theatres. Bournemouth Pavilion hosts all tastes of plays and pantomimes, while Bournemouth International centre hosts a range of gigs, performers and activities.

The Bournemouth Balloon.
The Bournemouth Balloon.

Elsewhere, away from the hustle and bustle of the high street, there’s a charming atmosphere in Bournemouth’s award-winning gardens. Position yourself on a park bench, take in the greenery and its florals, and grab a refreshing snack from one of the kiosks. Or, head straight through to the beachfront, but you might want to stop and listen at the bandstand, play mini golf or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, head up the hot air balloon and take in mesmerising views of Bournemouth, its neighbouring boroughs and the sparkling sea.

Take that cool snack down to the pier, and perhaps return by bouncing off the pier-to-beach zip wire. The seafront is busy year-round, but be ready to get on the sand early in the summertime if you want decent towel space. Its fairly litter-free and the row of colourful, in-demand beach huts fits the image of a perfect British seaside holiday. The temperature is pleasant (especially for British weather) and don’t be surprised to be hit by a sweltering heat wave or two in July and August. Meanwhile, enjoy all types of food on the beach- from fish and chips to something a bit more sophisticated with a cocktail menu.

Bournemouth's pier-to-beach zip wire.
Bournemouth’s pier-to-beach zip wire.

The beach’s promenade hosts all sorts of displays and marches. A notable one is the Bournemouth Air Show which presents some specular stunts from the Red Arrows. The vacation home is not just popular amongst Brits either: Bournemouth attracts international attention, especially with its splurge of English language schools that rake in numbers of international students who enjoy the city alongside Bournemouth University students.

The student town, unsurprisingly, has some promising nightlife. There is variety around the town centre with fancier, more up-market venues for those of you who like your heels and blazers, and there is the more casual clubs for those looking for a cheaper, fun evening. You could venture out towards Boscombe where the beach continues and you’ll encounter more exciting, alternative bars. Not forgetting, Charminster’s main road constantly has new restaurants and swanky bars popping up that are worth exploring.

The vibrant cosmopolitan town has plenty to offer, with a population of over 180,000, it has plenty of history and cultural sites to explore. The Boscombe Manor was inhabited by writer Mary Shelley and is a fine sight. Not to mention, St Peter’s Church, one of Bournemouth’s oldest standing buildings. It has beautiful Victorian architecture with a 202-ft spire and is a local landmark.

St Peter's Church, Bournemouth.
St Peter’s Church, Bournemouth.

Why not head down to Bournemouth now the weather is getting warmer? There are impressive transport links with rail, coach and even an airport. It’s really not far from Southampton- just past the New Forest and east of the Jurassic Coast. Whether it’s a night out with your friends, romantic stroll, or a just-for-fun beach day, Bournemouth is more than worth the short trip!

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