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1 month, 8 days, 13 hours, 56 minutes and 43. . .  wait 42 seconds.

Some people think I’m crazy. I assure you that I’m not. I’ve got the bug. The ‘Travel Bug’.

The exact time of when I caught it is unclear, but it probably has something to do with growing up abroad. Thanks parents. No, seriously thank you. Don’t get me wrong, I love being at home too. And no, I’m not unhappy with my life and trying to escape it.  The ‘bug’ has awoken this want and need to explore and see other places, things, customs and food. I love the thrill that comes with travelling to a new place, the unknown of what’s in store for you.

The bug is highly contagious and is usually caught abroad, however cases of infection  after contact with travel guides or others recently returned from abroad have been reported. The main symptom ‘wanderlust’ is unfortunately incurable, most sufferers will be stuck with this for life. It is however easy to dampen the symptoms – with continuous doses of ‘travel’. Short sharp doses can be taken as a day trip, or longer doses – going away for an few months.

The ‘travel bug’ has lay dormant for many months, but with exams here and the summer fast approaching it’s nearly time to cure it (even if only temporarily). . .

Now, only 1 month, 8 days, 13 hours, 56 minutes and 2 seconds.

So, what am I counting down to? Camp America. For three months. Again, some people think I’m crazy. “Wait, three . . .whole . . months?” and then silence . . . “That’ so long!” “But you won’t you miss your friends and family?” “Wow, you’re brave!”

Like I said, I’ve caught the travel bug. I’m infected. It’s with me for life.

I’m extremely excited at the prospect of living and working the USA for three months. Yes, I will miss many things; but that want and need to travel and experience new things is stronger.  I know that there will be difficult moments and maybe at times I will want to return home, but the travel bug is hard to shake and I’ll soon be on the road again.

Once you have ‘the bug’ you can’t go back. It’s like dipping your foot into the ocean for the first time and wanting to return to that feeling. Or, like taking a bite of chocolate – you never just take one bit. The symptoms are constant – that wanderlust. The cure is only temporary – the adrenaline from visiting a new place, being out of your comfort zone, exposure to different lives and meeting different people.

But, I’m happily infected!

I will warn you that the ‘bug’ is contagious, so watch out . . .


Deputy Editor 2016 -2017. I'm a Geography student here at Southampton. Also, an avid adventurer; who is always up for discovering somewhere whether it's new or old.

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    This is so so good and beautifully written it is a pleasure to read it, and very enteraining, I cant wait to hear more when you are at summer camp. When are you leaving UK. I think you must have caught the travel bug from me, every time I get back home, I start thinking of where I will,go next!

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    Joan & David Henderson

    What a wonderfully written essay on how travel can affect you!
    So impressed that someone as young as this writer, can express so clearly how “the Bug” affects her, and its ongoing symptoms – which, we assure her never go away!!
    We wish her an amazing & wonderful time in the USA this summer – how many more days, hours, minutes??
    Joan & David Henderson from Australia

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