A Different Type of Party: The Basics


Party being the key word. We all love a good house party, where someone gets too drunk and throws up in your friend’s kitchen sink, or a window gets broken, and the police are called when some guys decide to do some fence hopping into other people’s back garden. However, we’re here to share some of the prime places, both here on our tiny island and around the world, where you can party until your heart’s content. And let’s face it, we all love a good party!

article 8 photo 4Whether you’re on a tight student budget, or ready to splash the cash, we’re here to tell you about both the infamous, most notorious bashes from around the world, and those which maybe we may have happened to stumble upon on our travels, to tickle all of your travelling taste-buds. Whether you want to stay in Britain, meander over to Europe, or stretch your cultural horizons to the far corners of the globe, we’ll be article 8 photo 1happy to guide you on your way.

Now, before you jet off to wherever your heart calls, you have to remember a few things before deciding to click that button to cement your tickets:

  1. Choose your destination– Decide whether you want to experience the colourful culture of Europe, or the exotic sites of Asia, Australasia, The North, South America, or even decide to discover the hidden wonders of our own home; because those are the most important! You have to know where you do and don’t want to go. You can easily do this by writing a list and crossing off options until you reach your perfect choice.
  2. Events– Know before you choose your destination if there are any events, such as festivals going on, so you can make your bookings in advance to avoid missing out on the fun! I mean, that’s why you’re travelling after all!article 8 photo 5
  3. Be Aware– Do you research on the city or country before you go, making sure there isn’t anything you should be wary about before you arrive. This can, also, be a good way to get to know the culture and what might be a little different.
  4. Documents– Remember your passport, any insurance or visas you may need to enter a certain country. You don’t want to have any reason to stop you from coming back!
  5. BUDGET– The all important money. Know how much roughly you want to be spending and what you’re going to be spending it on; such as: transportation, accommodation, eating and drinking (the most important part), fees for any sites or museums, travel supplies and vaccinations (you can never be too careful!).
  6. Accommodation– Know how much you’re going to be willing to spend. Whether you’ll be happy slumming it in a hostel or lounging luxuriously in a swanky hotel. Whatever it may be, just make sure you know that you’re going to get the basic necessities.
  7. Health and Safety– You can never be too careful. Research whether you’ll need to have any vaccinations for travelling, or whether you should stay away from certain foods.
  8. Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Partying– The main reason why you’re going away. Now, although, we’re not advocating anything, just be aware that these things are, and most likely will, be around you. Prepare yourself, and be safe. If you’re not too sure on what someone is offering, you always have the chance to say no!
  9. PLAN PLAN PLAN!– The most important thing! Do your research, know where you want to go, and go.article 8 photo 2

article 8 photo 3Now, with these basics of partying abroad and at home out of the way, we’ll be updating you with various party scenes from all over the world. Make sure you stay updated; because there might just be something that satiates your partying need.


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