The David Attenborough Experience


Yearning to experience breathtaking sights for yourself? Do you long to see rare species of wildlife before your very eyes? Take a look at the locations of some of Sir David Attenborough’s greatest documented journeys to find your inspiration…

An Iguana, from the Galapagos Islands. Photo Credit – wikipedia.

The Galapagos Islands

Renowned for the unusual species that inhabit the islands – such as the pink iguana (surely this is enough of a selling point – we all love iguanas) and the endangered flightless cormorant – Attenborough set out to document them in his 2013 documentary ‘Galapagos 3D’. If you’re an avid animal lover, a zoologist or perhaps just interested in seeing something different, there are a number of specialist tours available to the region. The prices aren’t cheap; but you can’t put a price on an experience like this! Alternatively, you can suggest this as a family holiday destination.


The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef. Photo Credit – flickr.

Describing his first diving experience in The Great Barrier Reef in 1957 as “the most magical experience of my life”, this year Attenborough has set out to explore the ‘rainforest of the sea’. The Great Barrier Reef is listed as a Unesco world-heritage site for a reason. Its beautifully intertwining ribbons of blue and green certainly make it something to put on your bucket list. Flights to Australia aren’t as expensive as to some of the other destinations listed in this article; although they’re still a little pricey. But, once you get there, many of the tours around and in the Great Barrier Reef are well worth the money. With the marine life rapidly depleting due to environmental factors, time is running out to experience this world wonder in its current state, so get booking!



A landlocked country situated in East Africa, its lush rainforests and mountainous regions have earned it the rather romantic nickname – “Land of a Thousand Hills”. Its war-torn past may have tainted its reputation; but, its wonderful sights such as the Nyungwe Forest, Volcanoes National Park and the Akagera National Park make up for this. Attenborough explored the Rwandan jungles in what is arguably the most iconic episode of his 1979 documentary ‘Life on Earth’, where he came up close and personal with an endangered gorilla. Although, travel and excursions may be slightly out of budget, you too can experience the wonders present in this overlooked destination (if you save up). You can find further information on excursions here.

A gorilla in the jungles of Rwanda. Photo Credit – pixabay.



Many associate the following with Canada: maple syrup, lakes, wood cabins, Niagara Falls and the CN Tower. But, many forget about the wonderful wildlife that call this place home. Attenborough set off on a journey; which turned out to be the most expensive documentary the BBC had ever commissioned at the time. ‘Planet Earth’ (2006), filmed in the Canadian Rockies, captures touching moments between cubs and their parents; as the grizzly bear cubs take their first fledgling steps in the world. With flights to Canada from only £342, you can get yourself out there and take a bear tour in Banff National Park, to get as up close and personal with the grizzlies as David himself.

New Zealand

Waitomo Glowworm Caves. Photo Credit – flickr.

Ah yes, New Zealand, the land of hobbits and koalas. However, there is more to this two-island country than one might think (although Koalas are rather wonderful). Attenborough showed viewers an unconventional yet interesting experience on offer in New Zealand in his 2005 documentary ‘Life in the Undergrowth’. For a not overly pricey price, you can go to Waitomo Glowworm Caves on the North Island and experience the fantastic sight of thousands of glowworms on the grotto surface. If this isn’t to your taste, there are plenty of other nature tours on offer.


There’s no time to waste, you only get one life, so get exploring and make the best of it!


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