The Break-up with the EU


Today is a new day, as always. But the world woke up to a new world – a world where the UK is no longer part of the European Union. Like any breakup, we are all still reeling from what has happened. The implications and consequences haven’t quite settled in yet. The UK has voluntarily broke the relationship with the EU and we now have to deal with the break-up. The painful, disentanglement from one another in the hope of a brighter future. The UK has two years to disentangle itself from the EU; so, it will be a slow break up. We have a long way to go.

With it being the summer and travel within Europe at its peak, there’s one thing on many Brits minds – how easy will it be to travel in the EU as a non-EU resident? At passport control at the airport we will no longer be sheep hoarded into the the EU passport control; but sent alone over the non-EU passport control, like misbehaving children.

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Our British passports are inscribed with “to allow the bearer to pass freely without let or hindrance” to instruct foreign officials to let us pass, otherwise they will be dealing with Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State. This is no longer applicable. In the Non-EU UK, we will soon have little travel rights to any EU country.

The Schengen Passport Union means that once a British Citizen has entered one of the 26 countries that are part of this agreement, they will be able to freely move between participating countries. Even before the Referendum last night, the UK was never part of Schengen so the only difference is that Britons may now have to obtain a Visa allowing 90 day entry.

Photo Credit - Flickr
Photo Credit – Flickr

Money is, also, on everybody’s minds. Already, the pound’s value has dropped to its lowest since 1985. The traditional summer holiday abroad this summer will see increasing prices for accommodation, food and drinks. Not a happy prospect. Additionally, the EU regulated airline fares, created competition leading to the no frills, low cost airlines. Depending on the UK proceeds, it could be the demise of cheap holidays to Europe.

In this ever globalising world, the exiting of the EU shrinks Britons job prospects. No longer do we have the right to work in any EU country, our job pool has literally become an island. Anywhere outside the UK will now face a long swim (i.e. a lot of paperwork) to accomplish working abroad. Instead of hopping abroad, we will now be faced with lengthy visa applications and paperwork – the death of last minute holidays and the freedom and spontaneity of being young.

No ones knows for certain what the future without the EU will be like. But, no-one knows what will happen in the future anyway. Although, it is commonly accepted that a breakup provides the freedom to be yourself and to do the things you always wanted to do. But, this breakout leaves us alone and isolated. We have actively chosen as a nation to leave our friends and the safety that naturally accompanies that.


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