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It’s easy to forget that we have an airport in Southampton. Admittedly, most students barely have enough money to buy cheap tea bags from Aldi and reside in minus figures of a student overdraft (myself included); but if you have a summer job and fancy a summer break – where better to fly from? And if not – one can dream, right?

Flybe are launching two new summer routes from Southampton Airport this summer, both to up and coming European destinations – so in addition to being on to the next big travel destinations, these places are still criminally cheap.


Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

The only thing ‘bizarre’ about Biarritz is how cheap the flight to get there is! It’s described as an ‘elegant’ French seaside town, a popular resort since European royalty began visiting there in the 1880s. Perfect for students, it also has a busy nightlife scene, including late-night bars, clubs, and a grand beachside casino. In the day, you can lie out in the hot French sun and it’s also been described as ‘the Surfing Capital’ of Europe; so, if you’re into that, Biarritz is perfect (we do live by the sea as well after all, though Biarritz is probably a bit more glamorous than Southampton).

Flights operate to this French town three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, through to September 25th.


Ville de Toulon
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Toulon is a city, also, in Southern France; but bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Its coast is lined with sandy beaches and shingle coves; but if you’re interested in somewhere with a bit more history to explore, Toulon is a significant naval base for France. The Musée National de la Marina exhibits many maritime artefacts. Beautifully rugged limestone mountains form a backdrop to this truly stunning city and you can get a cable car up a nearby mountain. Southampton Airport say that Toulon ‘boasts 300 days of sunshine a year’, so you can only hope you don’t end up seeing any of those 65 bad ones.

Flights run on Mondays, Saturdays and Sundays, until September 12th.


At a truly remarkable deal from Flybe, these flights are as cheap as £34.99 for a one-way ticket and that includes taxes and charges. So, not much more than you’d spend on a night out, basically. Other locations you can fly to from Southampton Airport include Belfast, for a city break; the Channel Islands, if it’s isolation you’re after; and Amsterdam, if you’re brave enough.


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