48 Hours in Brighton


This August I surprised my boyfriend with a trip to Brighton as neither of us had ever been before. After hearing great things about the place, it had really sparked my interest.

After doing a bit of research I booked accommodation at Jury’s Inn Waterfront; although I was a bit skeptical at first due to unclear photos on the website, it very much exceeded expectations and was such a pleasant surprise. I paid for two nights and I’ll admit they weren’t student prices however for the standard we were getting in the hotel it was very impressive, and left us both feeling rather spoilt. Another bonus to the hotel was its perfect location right on the coast with a spectacular view. It also placed us very close to The Lanes meaning we could walk out the door and instantly be hit with the sea wind, smell of fish and chips and the buzzing life of this prime city attraction. Just from this we were already able to really experience the busy, fun atmosphere that Brighton has.

Brighton is full of attractions and places worth going to see and I’m proud to say in the two days I spent there I managed to hit almost all of them. So if I was to go back for a day these are the highlights I wouldn’t miss for the world and I really recommend:

  • Brighton Pier – it’s the most obvious but if you’re going to Brighton, you just can’t really miss it. If I’m being brutally honest, when we went it was looking a bit rundown, but in a way that adds to the charm of it. I would say the most time you’ll spend there is a few hours with the rides, arcade and array of food stalls keeping you entertained.
Credit: Wikipedia
  • The Nightlife – this was particularly surprising, because I had heard a lot about Brighton but never about just how good the nightlife was. There was a huge range of pubs and bars and a decent selection of clubs. The bars and pubs were packed on a Saturday night and this was without the uni students, so I’d bear that in mind. I think with a big group of people Brighton would make a great and memorable night-out.


  • The Beach – although we went in August, the weather was unfortunately very cold and windy, British weather for you; however this did not ruin the fun of the day. Not only is the pebbled beach beautifully picturesque but also the selection of restaurants and cafes along the coast was very impressive. I would especially recommend dining at Lucky Beech, where you can get breakfast, brunch and burgers along with a delicious range of juices.
Credit: Wikimedia
Credit: Wikimedia
  • British Airways i360 – this is seen as more of a ‘couples’ attraction but I would still strongly recommend it for everyone. For £15 p/p you get taken up 162m into the sky giving you a beautiful view of all of Brighton with its fancy mood lighting and relaxing music. For an even more special experience you can book afternoon tea in a package deal as well!
Credit: Wikipedia
Credit: Wikipedia
  • The restaurants – finally the selection of restaurants was something that really stood out to me on the trip, from authentic Mexican to fun American diners there is always something new to try out. If you can budget for it I’d recommend trying something from a different culture for each meal, especially if you’re only going for a day as there is just so much variety to chose from!

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed Brighton and would recommend everyone pay this beautiful coastal city a visit at some point. Even just a short stay there is great so long as you attempt to fit in as much as you can; with so much to offer it would be a shame to miss it!


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