Summer or Winter Christmas: Which is Best?


There’s always a debate about the pros and cons of a traditional wintery Christmas or an exciting tropical destination for the festive period. You may be completely used to one of them, but be open-minded when deciding which one makes the ultimate Christmas experience…

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The short days and bitter cold are definitely not the best thing about Christmas, but I do think it makes everything feel very festive. Plus, imagine running around doing last minute Christmas shopping in the sweltering heat! The best thing however is that you can actually relate to the endless cycle of Christmas songs and films about frost and snow. If it was super hot then the winter tradition of Christmas jumpers would definitely have to be amended slightly! That being said, I’m sure it’s lovely for it not to get dark until well into the evening and being able to sit outside in the sun or even be at the beach on Christmas day with all your family – surely that must be a pretty amazing way to spend the day.


Let it snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

I know, it rarely actually snows on Christmas Day in England, or even in December itself, but just the prospect that it could is exciting enough. How can you listen to Bing Crosby’s smooth voice and not long for frolicking around in the snow to accompany it? I suppose snow isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, since the charm wears off quickly once you get too cold and it turns into grey slush not long afterwards. Having personally experienced the build-up to last Christmas in the southern hemisphere, I must say how strange I found it to still see all of the tacky ornaments, jolly jumpers and woolly hats all over the shops, yet be in 30 degree heat as soon as you step outside.

Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Christmas is one of the best things about the British wintertime. Yes, it’s cold and yes, the days are incredibly short, but at least we have all of the festivities to look forward to! I can definitely see the other point of view, where people would love to experience another type of Christmas in completely different surroundings. and I guess the best thing about Christmas is, it comes around every year so hey, why not give a summer Christmas a try one of these years and judge it yourself.

Ultimately, whatever type of weather you’re used to in December, is probably what you will prefer. I’d definitely recommend trying at least one Christmas experience abroad, if not just for the change of weather and season, but also for the many different festive traditions you can experience around the world. Personally, I’ll be cozy by the fire this December, but you never know, I may be lounging on a beach somewhere this time next year.


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