I’m Dreaming of a White (Sand) Christmas


Swap your hot chocolate for a pina colada: we’re talking Christmas in Mauritius.

Disappointingly, Mauritius does not celebrate Christmas. You see the occasional Christmas tree in tourist areas or hotels but it’s nothing on our western passion for the holiday. No quirky jumpers, no mince pies, and (sadly) no Mariah Carey. But that doesn’t mean that Christmas here can’t be a magical and amazing way to spend the season. Santa and a bunch of locals on the back of a truck cheering as they drive through your town is definitely something worth seeing – I’ll give them that.

And who else can say they spent Christmas day in shorts and a t-shirt on the beach? Sure, there’s that romantic image of sitting next to an open fire, drinking hot chocolate, watching snow fall. But do you know what’s better than romance? Being warm. And samosas.

Can you spot him?
Credit: Aimee Ramgolam



So far we’ve hopped from beach to beach and attraction to attraction – did you know there’s a temple where wild monkeys live? Yep. And waterfalls that you can jump off of for fun?






The real attraction is New Years. Having spent Christmas here a few times I know what to expect. Big street parties, people up on their roofs setting off fireworks, music from every direction – I honestly don’t think there’s a better way to spend the night, but I’m normally huddled on the sofa watching Jools Holland so any change is probably a good one.

As the holiday draws to a close, let’s not forget what Christmas really means though: it’s about spending time with family and eating a lot of food. All I’m suggesting is that you do it on a speedboat with a cocktail in one hand and suncream in the other.


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