Why Everyone Should Travel the World


Having a boyfriend who is currently cabin crew and an aspiring pilot make it difficult to not be enthusiastic about travel. Truth be told, I’ve always loved to travel way before him, and I’ve been brought up by my family to always explore and try new things. I am very grateful to have had the wonderful privilege of visiting lots of countries from a very, very young age – my first holiday to Malaysia being when I was under a year old. 

Denmark trip (Credit: Amy Picknell)

“No reason to stay is a good reason to go” is one of my favourite mottos that I love to live by. If I have the financial means and spare time to go anywhere; whether it be a city break abroad or just a weekend in the countryside, then I’ll be there! I love the thrill of packing for a trip and getting organised, making my way through busy airports and train stations. I’m in awe of this beautiful world every time the plane ascends into the sky and touches down on the tarmac in a completely new destination (once I’ve drowned out the noise of my boyfriend geeking out over ailerons and flaps and goodness knows what else).

Kefalonia, Greece (Credit: Amy Picknell)


The word ‘tourist’ is a difficult word for me; of course I love to admire other places and the culture that can often be so different from my own, but I also make it a priority to visit every new place with an open mind, ready to fully immerse myself in the culture including trying new foods and visiting places that might not always be the first hit on Tripadvisor. I also make sure I’m protecting the environment I’m in, and being an ethical tourist. (See Sophie’s great article on this). I think these factors make the important difference between being a traveller and just simply a tourist.


The world is out there for us to discover; it’s so diverse in landscape, climate, culture, and population – it’s almost hard to believe all of it exists on the same big planet that we all cohabit, and I intend to see as much of it as possible. My favourite trip that I’ve ever been on was definitely when I went to Australia at Christmas in 2015. My parents had saved up for so long to take themselves, my brother and I, on a three week long, action packed holiday to visit my family who live out there. Every day was a new adventure; I swam with turtles and fed dolphins in the wild, jumped off a waterfall, went 4×4 driving along the beaches and forest areas of Fraser Island and tried surfing for the first time (an exhausting, and fun experience but a scary one which I probably won’t try again). The point is, that the world has so much more to offer than just our small little rainy hometowns in the UK. As lovely as it is to come home to a roast dinner with the rain pattering outside the window, I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life whilst on my travels and I can’t wait to have many, many more.

Chawton House, Hampshire (Credit: Amy Picknell)

So I implore you, whether it’s a city break to Berlin or Paris, a Mediterranean trip to the sun-kissed islands of Greece or cobbled streets of Italy, a cultural experience in Asia, a relaxing fortnight to somewhere tropical or a tough trek in the rain forests of Brazil… or even a weekend away trudging through the mud in the many fields that the UK has to offer. Whatever it is, get outside, get travelling, and look after the gorgeous green earth that we’ve been put on.


Features Editor 2017/18, Sub-Editor 2018/2019, BA English Student.

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