Reasons to Write a Travel Journal


Whether you’re full of wanderlust or not, travelling is exciting and fuels the production of lifetime memories. For everyone, the experience is always different. Writing these moments in a diary can become a fulfilling and productive hobby; helping you remember the memories made. Here are five reasons why it’s worth writing a journal for your next trip, wherever that may be.

  1. Re-live the moments

This is the biggest reason anyone would have to write a travel journal. The act of writing will help you relive your moments of wanderlust, and reading it in the future will take you back! The vivid memories of moments spent chatting to a taxi driver, or testing your bargaining skills in maze-like bazaars, or even being foolishly ripped off by some cunning local will all flow back to your mind. What’s more, you’re less likely to forget them, and the lessons you’ll have drawn from them.

  1. Get to know yourself better

As you write down the different places you visited, the different people you met and the different experiences, you will most certainly be able to get a better idea of what environments you enjoy and others you may not. My Hong Kong travel journal was comprehensive and detailed, which meant I was recording my thoughts in random places and was then reflecting on them as I wrote on.

  1. Store it for your next generations

In the 21st century, living in a written culture, it’s undeniable that one of

Credit: Shaheer Ali

the best ways to store information for the future is to “write it down”. It’ll be written down somewhere, even if the rare incidence of amnesia erases it from your mind. You may not think highly of yourself today, but future generations will certainly be able to gain inspiration from your experiences today. Among the most interesting conversations I’ve had, are ones where my grandparents have narrated long stories of their travels. It’s certainly not a bad idea if you wish to prepare for old age!


  1. Live for yourself

This is another important one. When you’re writing a journal, you are writing it for yourself. You are NOT concerned with getting some punchy article on a travel magazine or scoring a first on some academic assignment. This is for YOU. Your life is yours in the end, and whether your time is spent on your job or your family, there must always be space in life to serve yourself too. Your mind will thank you for it, trust me.

  1. Improve your writing skills

This is an obvious one, but there’s something not so obvious. As students, it’s not every day that we get the opportunity to write honest and genuine accounts of life (you get what I mean!). Simply put, this is bound to broaden your writing ability, and potentially help you discover a hidden talent in writing that you may not have noticed before (which goes back to reason two).

So, next time you travel, consider these five advantages you could enjoy if you adopt the habit of journaling.

P.S. There’s no need for “motivation” or “willpower”! Three words, JUST DO IT, and it’ll be finished in no time.




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