Explore Iconic Street Food Around the Globe


Spanning 6 continents and 25 countries this guide by John Slots details 30 of the best street food markets around the globe. The dishes in this guide range from hot dogs and waffles to Clam Chowder and Croquettes allowing you to explore many local dishes all over the globe.

Credit: Jason Rogers via Flickr

This easy to use guide clearly shows where each market is located as well as some of the most famous local dishes to try at each market. For example, at the La Vucciria Market in Italy, the guide suggests trying the chickpea fritters, and at Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam, the guide suggests the sweet waffles and Patat Fries.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

This guide not only provides easy access to iconic street food and markets that you may not otherwise visit but may also encourage people to explore other areas of cities, away from the major tourist attractions. Many of these markets are located away from major tourist sights, allowing visitors to explore different places around the city. For example, Teatern Market in Stockholm is located an hour away from Vasa Museum and 30 minutes from the Royal Palace, encouraging visitors to explore further away from these main sights, and delve further into the city and its culture.

Explore the many iconic street food dishes that these markets offer here and perhaps take a visit to one of these markets on your next trip.


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