Go Budget or Bust?


Travel planning is often an exciting task giving us all something fantastic to look forward to (and procrastinate with) during our work and studies. Travelling abroad has become cheaper and cheaper over the years thanks to its increasing accessibility.  With more choice available, many students now have the option to add multiple countries to their list instead of splashing out visiting just one place. But are two budget holidays better than one? Or is it worth spending big on one destination to make it that much more special?

Advantages of the budget holiday

Credit: Chelsea Smith

1.  2 for the price of 1
For many travellers, the obvious benefit to two budget holidays is that you are visiting two countries for the price of one. This is the most cost effective way to travel instead of spending big on one destination. As we know, cost is a major deal breaker in student travel. The feeling of getting more for your money is often the strong selling point to two budget holidays.

2. Easier to save for
Depending on what is classified as ‘budget’, in general, it is much easier for students to save money for more budget holidays than one large holiday. Travelling for many students is often limited by; the amount of student loan they receive, their personal savings, job situation and squeezing in a break between deadlines.  Many students simply may not have enough time or have the ability to save the money required for a larger holiday and so budget breaks become the way to travel.

3. Allows more holidays for the future
Travelling on a budget to multiple countries will leave some money left in the bank to be used for any future travel plans. Ensuring they continue their travel ambitions for years to come.

4. Easier to plan
When planning a holiday, trying to fit everything in or simply deciding exactly what to do can be time consuming and stressful. By choosing to opt for a more budget approach, activities often become more streamlined and easier to plan by omitting expensive options.


1. Budget is never the dream

Quite often, however, doing things on a budget often means that that dream holiday you are after falls short. Travelling on a budget can place restrictions on the activities that can be booked, meaning you might have to miss out on a few things. For many travellers, making plans to travel the world with a partner, friends or solo is about making memories that last and having no regrets!

Credit: Chelsea Smith

2. Buyer’s remorse
We all would like something to remember our travels by, or perhaps share a piece of them with a friend/family member back home. Travellers may see something special but not be able to afford to buy it because they have no more money available, or are worried that they may run out of money whilst on holiday if they decide to shop for gifts.

3. Fail to experience a place fully
Travelling on a budget to two or more countries quite often means that travellers fail to experience the full value a place has to offer. Time and budget constraints placed by budget holidays, often leave a traveller being unable to fully explore their destination. Equally a budget restricts the ability to indulge in local cuisine, culture or tourist attractions. All of these factors add up making travellers feel they could have done more and potentially a little disappointed. By spending more on a larger holiday, and giving yourself more time or spending money, you know that you are getting maximum value and are more likely to receive the full experience a place has to offer.

Everyone is different in what they would like to get out of their travels. Some countries have more meaning to some people than others and so these destinations are often the choice for a much more expensive holiday so that they receive the best memories possible. Some people tend to have particular goals they wish to accomplish which could be to travel to as many countries as possible. Weighing up what matters the most in your travels is the deciding factor as to which option to pick. By doing that, travellers will be far more likely to make the right choice!


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