The Palaver of Party Islands


Between the ages of 18-25 you will undoubtedly be roped into a cheap, £250 week on a tourism-tainted Spanish island, or somewhere sunny off the Dalmatian Coast with a large group of friends to engage in relentless revelry and hedonistic hell-bending. It is a rite of passage for most, of course, if you are that way inclined. 

At some point in your late 20s, this monumental piss-up on an island that isn’t as depressing as the U.K. shifts into stag and hen dos, but those can be dealt with another time. When January loan drops, you and your pals will be itching to book up your holidays to have something to look forward to over summer, in order to combat the dread of the jarring month that is none other than the deadline, exam and new semester-yielding January. But Brits have embarrassed themselves enough in Kavos, Malia, and Zante, so where are some novel places to host your debauchery-driven week away with the girls in 2018?

1.Split, Zagreb, Hvar – Croatia

Croatia seems to be the destination of choice for more grown-up frivolities. The Croatian destinations are marginally less overrun by boozed-up Britons than the over-saturated Balearic Islands, so you might be able to have a more authentic experience, if that is what you are after from your holiday.

2.Mykonos – Greece

Though this Grecian getaway may be slightly pricier, you may alight your flight back home with a significantly larger shred of dignity than if you were to go to Zakynthos or Ios. You will get your money’s worth in Mykonos as there is an abundance of day and night raves to suit any level of party-goer.

3. The Algarve – Portugal

The potential of this party destination has as of yet been untapped to saturation point by tourists, which offers a window of opportunity for those looking to go somewhere different and calmer, but not too dissimilar, to Ibiza’s white sands.

3. Budapest- Hungary; Prague – Czech Republic

Though we are now veering slightly more into hen/stag do territory, many groups now opt to spend a sunny few days in the middle of Europe instead of by the coast. Consider this if you’re less keen on the booze-cruises and the grit of the beach on your skin, and prefer a bit of a city break (provided your hangover subsides for you to amply explore in the day).

4. Gotland – Sweden

Another unlikely nomination, but a gem well worth exploiting for off the beaten path frolics. In the height of the Scandinavian summer during Stockholm Week (Stockholmsveckan) which hits mid-July, young adults will flock to this Swedish island for scandalous fun; it is populated with plenty of beaches and bars and is a breath of fresh air from the perhaps all too familiar waters of the Med.

5. Golden Sands – Bulgaria

This destination has fallen in popularity quietly in recent years due to being replaced with other attractive party islands, but is a fantastic week away for a group of students. Cheap drinks, food, and accommodation is enough to tempt anyone, and since the hype died down, is arguably now one of the more obscure destinations, so you don’t have to worry about running into someone from your sixth form on a night out.

If you’re ready to shun your sins from Shagaluf once and for all, make your way to one of these destinations to start your summer off right.


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