2018: A Year of Wanderlust


New year’s resolutions, often made in the stupor and hungover state after the gigantic feasts of the holiday season and new year’s eve; I won’t drink as much this year; I will go to the gym at least three times a week, including cardio; I will call my parents once a week and be better at keeping in touch with old friends. They’re always made in good faith; you will try your hardest to keep them and often inevitably fail within the first month.

But what if instead this year we made resolutions about something we love? A mini bucket list, goals that you want to achieve. So here is my list of new years travel resolutions to keep the wanderlust at bay and have something to look forward to all the way through 2018 to make it your best travel year yet.

1. Save for The Big Trip

This is the one that’s for that ‘maybe one-day’ trip, to force you to stop daydreaming about the road trip around America, a year in Europe, or touring around Pacific Oceania. Work out your budget and put away a certain amount of money every month into a savings account. If you can get into the routine of putting a little bit of money away, you’ll be surprised at how quickly it adds up. Before you know it the dream trip you thought you couldn’t afford can become a reality.

Credit: Chelsea Smith

2. Go somewhere new and unknown

Create some intrigue in 2018, grab a map close your eyes and point. Wherever you’ve pointed go there. This is a great one because you can make it fit your budget by choosing the size of the map, go global, European, or even within a county. Where ever you go make sure it’s somewhere you’ve never been before, do a little research into your place and find out what obscure things it has to offer!

3. Go to that place in the British Isles that you’ve never been to

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to the other side of the world and back, but I still haven’t been to Scotland. Surrounded by so many different cultures but I’ve never been to the Isle of Man. Britain has so much to offer, world heritage sites, ancient ruins, relicts of glacial landscapes. Get on a train, in a car and go somewhere in Britain that you’ve always been meaning to go, but haven’t quite yet made it. Make time for this beautiful country we live in, and don’t take it for granted.

4. Take a weekend break

Run away for the weekend. Escape the pressures of everyday life, don’t think about deadlines, family, friends, jobs. Be young, be adventurous and embrace your wanderlust, wherever it may take you.

5. Go Solo

Maybe somewhere new, maybe somewhere you’ve never been, but do it yourself. Solo travel offers so many new opportunities, opens your eyes to travel in a whole new way and pushes you to become more independent. Meet new people and don’t wait for others to make the decision, make it yourself.

Don’t make the same old resolutions this year, make exciting ones. 2018 can be a year of travel, of new countries and new friends from all over the world. Get planning.



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