Where to go on a Staycation


When we think of travelling, we usually associate it with going somewhere abroad. Often somewhere hot and exotic to escape the mediocre weather in the UK. However, this can often be expensive, or maybe you don’t fancy boarding a flight, especially with the constant uncertainty over Brexit. Fortunately, there are plenty of beautiful and historic places we have to visit right at home.

The Lake District, Cumbria

Crummock, Lake District. Credit: Ella Curzon

I might be a little biased in saying the Lake District is amazing because it’s where I’ve grown up, but my appreciation for it didn’t really start until I came to University and realised how much I missed the stunning scenery.

For my 21st, my friends and I found an Airbnb on a farm in the middle of nowhere somewhere near the Scottish border (sounds a little bit like the start of a horror film, but it was actually great). We spent the night playing games, having drinks, made ourselves a meal and the place even had a hot-tub. I honestly don’t think I could’ve spent my birthday in a better way, and it cost a fraction of the price it would have cost if we wanted to do the same abroad.

Even if staying in the middle of nowhere isn’t your idea of a vacation, check out other places in the Lake District. There are stunning lakes (hence the name), the views are amazing if you’re willing to walk up the fells, and there’s no end to the small cafés and independent shops you can browse in the towns.


Glasgow. Credit: Megan Crossman

If you fancy a trip into Scotland, Glasgow is an incredible place to visit. It is good for shopping if that is what you are looking for. If you are more into the historical aspects, then Glasgow is rich with culture. The architecture is stunning, you can visit the cathedral, and the university has a slight Hogwarts look to it. There’s even someone playing bagpipes pretty much wherever you go. And you can witness the Duke of Wellington, aka the cone statue, for yourself. Plus, it’s an easy trip to Edinburgh if you want to visit a few places.



You probably associate Liverpool with The Beatles and the Grand National, but there’s a lot more to the city too. Liverpool has a very rich culture, both musically and due to its industrial history so there’s plenty to explore. The high street has plenty of great stores to peruse and there’s always some sort of live music playing. If you fancy escaping from the city (or even staying outside and travelling in), it’s an excellent location for travelling into Wales and seeing the beautiful scenery there.


Obviously a vague idea for a staycation, but Yorkshire has plenty to offer depending on what you’re looking for. A place to consider may be Scarborough, a small seaside town complete with cute beach huts.

If you fancy something more exciting, Flamingo Land is both a zoo and theme park, so you can visit the animals whilst fulfilling a need for speed.

The Alchemist, Leeds. Credit: Megan Crossman

If big city life is what you’re after, Leeds is always full of excitement and hosts an infamous The Alchemist bar (slightly overpriced, but worth it for the cool cocktails) and an amazing cat cafe.

York is a stunning small city if you’re looking to explore some culture and history, including a 13th Century York Minster cathedral. Yorkshire definitely has something for everyone.



Devon and Cornwall

A broad idea for a staycation but if you want to be down south, then exploring Devon and/or Cornwall is a fantastic idea (just try not to get into the heated jam or cream on a scone first debate). Both boast beautiful beaches, where you can try out surfing, and are excellent if you want to explore some nature and go hiking. You can visit Exeter in Devon, which has a beautiful medieval cathedral or check out the Jurassic Coast, or even the English Riviera. In Cornwall you could go to Land’s End or St Mawe’s Castle, or you can just relax by the coast.


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