Getting Around in Southampton and Winchester


There are lots of Unilink buses and SUSU services to help you explore your new home, pre-sessional students! Below is a short guide to the routes of those services and other transport options.

U1A/U1E/U1WThese buses start in the city centre. The U1W will take you up to Wessex Lane Halls. The U1A carries on further to Southampton Airport and the U1E one stop further still, on the same route, to Eastleigh.

U1CThis bus follows the same route as the U1A/U1E/U1W in reverse, going to Southampton Central Station, Westquay and NOCS campus.

U2C/U2B: You can catch the U2C from Glen Eyre Halls and the U2B from Mayflower Halls. It will pass the Highfield Interchange, Avenue and Boldrewood campuses, Archers Road Halls and Central Station.

To go towards Glen Eyre, you need the U2B. To go towards Mayflower/the city, you need the U2C.

U6H/U6C: These buses cover the Interchange, RSH and Southampton General Hospitals, Liberty Point Halls and Westquay. To go towards the city, you need the U6C.

Credit: Rachel Winter.
Credit: Rachel Winter.

Some bus routes, like all the U1 services, are more regular than others. To plan your journey or check the latest live timetables for any Unilink bus service, click here.

WSA Shuttle Bus: The Winchester School of Arts shuttle bus is free with student ID and picks you up at the Interchange. It takes you to WSA and Erasmus Park Halls. You can also catch it from WSA or Erasmus Park to get to Highfield Interchange. It runs during the normal academic term time. A smaller service will continue running on weekends until 28th July. For more information on the weekend summer service, click here.

Other Transport: To travel further afield, Southampton Central and Airport Parkway and Winchester are the closest train station centres. Also, Southampton Airport, which can be reached by the U1A, offers a range of flight destinations, from Dublin to Verona. National Express coaches call in at the University en route to both London Victoria bus station and Heathrow Airport.


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