An Interactive Guide to the Most Popular Road Trip Destinations in the World


In the modern age we’re all used to having hundreds of travel pictures at our fingertips, especially on our Instagram feeds. We see scenic shots and cheesy thumbs-up in countless pictures to show everyone what an amazing time we’re having travelling. If you’re a travel addict you probably stalk travel accounts too, living vicariously through the pictures and looking for inspiration.

While browsing road trip pictures and ideas, you may find that one location comes up more than all the others: USA.

Europcar analysed 47 million images and found that an amazing 7.9 million pictures tagged ‘#roadtrip’ were in America, which is 485% more than any other location.

Australia came in second place with 1.3 million road trip pictures, Canada third at 1.09 million, with France (827,752) and India (826,366) in fourth and fifth places, respectively.

From the data they compiled, Europcar created an interactive guide where you can click through the 20 most popular destinations and read about the highlights of that destination. The guide also lists the top 10 cities and top 10 road trip routes which you can peruse, too. At the bottom of the page are some stunning pictures to entice you to different locations.

If Europe or the US is what you fancy, the guide breaks down both of these places with different road trip routes you could take across the countries or states. It tells you the length of the trip in kilometres, how long it will take you and how many stops you will be making on the way. All intended to help you plan the trip of a lifetime.

If you explore the USA map you will come across the most popular road trip route in the world: Seattle to San Diego. This will take you a whopping 26 hours with five stops along the away. Alternatively, you might wish to explore smaller road trips such as New York to Washington DC, which is only a 5 and half hour trip with five stops along the way for all your sightseeing needs.

The most popular Europe road trip route is London to Paris, which will take you 8 hours and 22 minutes, or you might wish to look at road trips closer to home on UK soil with a Scottish trip. There’s something for everyone in this guide.

It is easy to get lost exploring all the road trips you wish to take; it might even tempt you to book one.


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