48 Hours in… Bournemouth


This summer I went to Bournemouth on vacation. If that line just made you groan out loud, you’re probably British and making the same face every single one of my British friends made when I told them. I now know, as all of them repeatedly told me:

  1. It’s ‘holiday,’ not vacation
  2. Bournemouth isn’t technically a holiday

And for the record, they were all right. But it was still an adventure, and here’s why:

  • Mini Trips are the Power Naps of Vacation:

I hate the phrase ‘I need a vacation from my vacation’, it’s just an excuse to brag about the holiday you’ve had, but we’ve all been there when coming back to reality hits a little too hard. That’s what long vacations do to you. When I know I have a week or more to relax, I basically become a fat, sleepy cat with few priorities outside of laying in the sun and sipping Piña Coladas. That makes it that much harder to come back to my real life. This is where mini vacations come in, because 48-hour trips are like the power-naps of holidays. They force you to stay alert and excited, to maximise your time and your opportunity for new adventures.

And sure, you could take a whirlwind tour of somewhere like Prague or Fiji—in fact, I’d highly recommend it!— but for those of us who are writing our dissertations over the summer, there’s a lot to be said for a mini trip close to home. While some destinations are definitely more exciting than others, what really matters is that you’re out there trying new things and seeing new places, even when you’re short for money and time. Even if that place is Bournemouth because really, what’s the ultimate goal of being on vacation? We go to be happy. We go to see something different from our humdrum real lives. We go to say yes to new adventures. And in 48 hours, you can:

Go to the beach

Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

Explore a new town

Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

Read a good book and try yummy summer drinks

Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

Go for a swim

Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

Take time to relax

Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette
Credit: Alyssa-Caroline Burnette

That’s how I chose to spend my 48-hour vacation, and it left me feeling rejuvenated enough that I could dive back into my work routine with fresh energy. That’s the cool thing about mini-trips: they give you enough of a taste to be excited without the relaxation-hangover of long vacations. And the best part is that they’re not destination specific! Whether you shoot for a staycation 30 minutes away from home or jet off to another country, a 48-hour vacation can be anything you want it to be, from peak relaxation to nonstop adventure. The choice is yours, and so is the rest of the summer.


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